Title: Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light by Jaimie M. Engle


Title: Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

Author: Jaimie M. Engle

Release Date: October 1st 2013

Book Summary: 

Clifton Chase couldn’t possibly know the mysterious arrow he finds in his closet will lead him to the year 1485. Two princes need his help, but why? Carrying the Arrow of Light, a weapon forged from the Tree of Knowledge itself, Clifton is led on a journey to face fire-breathing dragons, kidnapping by merpeople, and a final battle, which will end the War of the Roses and the reign of a tyrant king. Will Clifton discover his purpose on time and save the day? Or has the arrow chosen the wrong boy?

History clashes with fantasy in this middle grade adventure story.

This is a great adventure story that will be very well liked by young children around 8-10 years old.  Clifton is a very likable character who gets to have a grand adventure in the year 1485.  I liked how easy it was to fall into the adventure and discover all about how things are different in the past from the present day.  A fun read that can be used in a classroom setting or just as a fun adventure to read with your children.

Source: Provided by the author in exchange for honest review.

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