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rook updatedRook

Could you be the monster to save who you love?

Two women, separated by generations, must leave what they know to start a new life. Seventeen-year-old Kate’s senior year is ruined when she’s moved from the only home she’s ever known. After an isolating month alone in her apartment, school starts, but neither her classmates nor her teacher are who they seem. Kali, a single mother living in the nineteenth century wilds of Montana, is stalked by a malicious past. She fights to keep her daughter safe while her freedom is threatened by her less than benevolent benefactor. Both find love, and with it hope, but that is quickly ripped away as one woman must learn the lessons of the other — before it’s too late to save either.


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Praise for Rook:

“This book also drew me in. I couldn’t let go of what was happening and when life intervened and forced me to close my computer I kept looking for a few moments to sit down and read some more.” Brookeworm, a Blog 4 Stars

“Rook had me hooked from the first page. It all started so mysteriously that I just had to know what it was all about. “ Jannat Bhat, Obsessive Compulsive Reader 4 Stars

“Rook is an amazing story that had me at the edge of my seat.” Tee Loves Kyle Jacobson Blog, 5 Stars



Is that him? Is he back?

My legs jerked, kicking and twitching me around to face the sound. I managed to roll slightly, knocking against a soft, solid object at my feet. It grunted weakly, and immediately I recoiled as though I had been bitten. Squinting, I stared, willing my eyes to find light in the dark, but there was nothing.

The sound of the runner drew closer, as if they would trample me any moment. A dim, swaying light appeared through the trees, burning away the inky edges of the deep shadows. When light and sound were almost upon me, branches above me snapped, spraying me in a shower of dried pine needles and snow.

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PawnsPawns (Timeless Games Short Story)

Leslie, the fifteen-year-old red-haired spitfire, starts life the daughter of nameless, uncaring parents. Abandoned at the side of the road, she stands shivering, with no skills beyond knowing how to pace her way through weeks of starvation. A group of runaways take her in, led by a particularly charming, strange boy. They take her in, giving her a chance at a new start with a full belly and a place to sleep – but nothing comes for free. How will she survive her new life, with her options slowly disappearing as this fateful night wears on?




Monica MAuthor Stella MacDonald

Stella is a married graduate student with three boys. Utah is home right now, but the need to wander has extended beyond the fantasy world of writing and into real life. She’s lived all around the US and even into the Middle East. The world is really a small place, only made bigger through imagination.


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If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?

Past… don’t think the future is set enough that there’s a future to go to.  But the past… there’s something real and tangible that I’d love to see.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Extreme Moose Tracks – and if its the Mint variety, that’s even better!

One food you would never eat?

Lobster.  They are the cockroaches of the sea, so… ew.

Any other books in the works?  Goals for future projects?

I finished a short story, Pawns, which is up on Amazon, and most of the first draft of book 2 – of course then the work really gets started!

What inspired you to want to become a writer?

I’ve always written, but never was brave enough to put myself out there.  I spent several months speaking Arabic in the Middle East, and after that experience, I feel like I can do anything!

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.

“Readers” were a group of people that scared me.  They were a faceless bunch who probably would never like anything I wrote.  But then, I started getting reviews and fan emails, and I came to realize they were all just like me! I have loved connecting with my readers.

What is your favorite Quote?

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” Not sure who said it – I just heard it somewhere.

If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play the lead role and why?

Sandra Bullock – because she is quirky, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and seems to love falling down all the time in her roles – I am painfully clumsy!

Hidden talent?

My parents bought a piano when I was a senior in high school.  I sat down, and found I could write music pretty naturally.

Favorite Candy?

Dove Bars – but only because they don’t have Galaxy Bars in this country (Ah, I miss Jordan.)

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year?

February’s Lego Movie.  It looks awesome, and we’re going with a bunch of friends and all their kids.  We’re probably going to fill up three rows.



How do you react to a bad review?

Same way I do to when someone doesn’t like me.  There’s seven billion people in this world, and someone is bound to not like me.  Many do and those are who I focus on.

What’s your favorite season/weather?

Fall/Spring – about equal.

Finish the sentence – one book I wish I had written is…

Well, Harry Potter, of course.  J.K. Rowling is a genius.

Favorite smell?

Lilacs – reminds me of my grandma’s back yard.

Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one big expensive one?

Small, thoughtful gifts.  The expensive stuff I can get myself when I can afford it, but I can never buy someone’s thoughtful consideration.

Pets? – childhood or adult

I have a couple labs and a great dane puppy.  That puppy is my velcro baby – he comes with me wherever I go.  They know him by name at my 7-11 where I get coffee.

Favorite place you’ve been and/or would like to go

My favorite place was Acaba in Jordan.  It is on the Red Sea and absolutely beautiful.  I’d like to go to Europe next, although I’ll be in China this spring with my Master’s Program.

About how long does it take to write a book?

Book 1 took about 3 months, plus another 4 for editing.  Book 2 was almost done in a month, though I haven’t started editing.


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