Book Review: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Diane Wynne Jones

Title: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume I

Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Publisher: Turtleback Books

Release Date: 1988

Book Summary:

In this multiple parallel universes of the Twelve Related Worlds, only an enchanter with nine lives is powerful enough to control the rampant misuse of magic — and to hold the title Chrestomanci.

The Chants are a family strong in magic, but neither Christopher Chant nor Cat Chant can work even the simplest of spells.  Who could have dreamed that both Christopher and Cat were born with nine lives — or that they could lose them so quickly?

For Christmas this year, my sister asked us instead of buying her a present, if as our gift to her we would read any book she chose for us. I was happy to oblige the request because I know my sister has great taste in books, and would pick something accordingly. I was not disappointed with her choice of the first volume in the Chrestomanci series.  And thank goodness she has the rest of the series I can now borrow too!
She chose this book for me because I am a Doctor Who fan – or Whovian. If you watch Doctor Who or know anything about it, you know The Doctor is a Time traveler. Which reminded my sister of the Twelve Related Worlds. Although it’s not time travel – but rather world hopping of sorts.
The Twelve Related Worlds are the only known “Worlds” out there. As the book description says, they are parallel universes. Within each World though, is a series of worlds. The whole “what if” this happened situation will create a spin off to a new world within that world’s universe. There are 9 worlds in a series – meaning there are 9 of you out there somewhere. And that is where the Chrestomanci comes in. A person born in a world, that does not have another on the other worlds, giving him 9 lives in 1 body.
I highly recommend this book!  It was a fascinating read, one that really pulled me from reality into a new world.
Rating: 5 stars. I loved it!!
Content: Clean.
Source: Borrowed from my sister
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  1. If you like this, you should read other books by Diana Wynne Jones. She’s a wonderful author. One of my favorites.

  2. Great review, this is totally on my TBR now.

    That’s a great bookish gift idea, I only wish my sisters read 🙁

    • Thanks Cora! Maybe they’d read a book if you requested it as your gift for a birthday or Christmas? And maybe that would get them reading more? lol. I have to say it was my favorite gift to give, but I feel I got the better end of the deal.