Book Review: Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter by Mary E. Twomey

Title: Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter
Author: Mary E. Twomey
Series: no
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: January 23, 2013

Book Summary:

Best friends Jack and Yani do everything together. After Yani’s thirtieth birthday party, however, she decides to leave town on a spontaneous vacation to visit all the sites of the young adult fiction novels she loves, hoping that when she returns, she’ll have buried the secret flame she has for Jack. Forced by his friends to go on a road trip to track down Yani, Jack learns a lot about his best friend by reading the novels she’s been obsessed with. From vampire hunting in Forks to searching for wizards in Florida, Jack confronts his greatest fears -that he just might love Harry Potter…and perhaps, Yani.

What a lovely, fun-filled, clean romantic comedy book! Highly liked the fan aspect of this book but you don’t need to be a fan to enjoy reading this. I also liked that this group of characters were in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Lately a lot of romance books I’ve read are characters in their late teens to early 20’s or to the older spectrum of a group in their late 30’s to mid 40’s. So having a group of characters in this age bracket was a nice surprise. Great character development and descriptive writing, good story line and a short, but complete, read. Mix in some nerdiness and geeky fandoms and you’ve got one fun-filled bundle of joy! Recommend for those with the fan geek inside them or those that want to understand their fan geek friend. Those that like a clean, fun, quick romantic read should also enjoy this book.

Rating: 4.5 Stars – Highly Recommend
Content: Clean may have a curse word or two
Source: From author via member giveaway
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  1. I haven’t heard of this book but I am now going to have to read it. Its contemporary, has some romance, and of course YA references throughout the book. It is a must buy for me!

    Thanks for sharing this so I was able to find it!

    Amber @ Paradise of Pages

  2. I read this book quite a while ago and really enjoyed it. I thought it was really cute, although I admit that people who’ve read the books talked about in it will probably get more enjoyment out of it than others. My favorite parts were all of the references to books I had read. I thought that was a fun aspect that you don’t typically find in books. I did think the romance was adorable on it’s own though.

  3. Fantastic review 🙂

  4. The second great review for this book I’ve seen in as many days!

    It sounds like a rather refreshing read and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.