Book Review: Fatty Patty by Wendy Lynn Clark

fatty pattyTitle: Fatty Patty

Author: Wendy Lynn

Release Date: November 12, 2013


“Fatty Patty” is the cruel nickname that followed Pepper to high school graduation. Five years later, she’s back at her reunion to prove it hasn’t defined her. In her slim Kate Spades, she’ll show them all — her underachieving classmates and especially the boy who broke her heart.

But Pepper’s not the only one who’s changed in five years. She’s not the only one who has regrets about the things that were, and especially weren’t, said.

And she’s not the only one who plans to use this chance to rewrite history…

FATTY PATTY is the first in a series of new short stories set around the crisp green San Juan Islands in Northwestern Washington. Refreshing as an iced vanilla latte and local as a salad with Ranch dressing and sesame seeds, these stories capture the essence that every journey — no matter how far — is truly about finding your way back home.

SAN JUAN ISLAND STORIES are light sweet romances perfect for a Pacific Northwest summer day.

They are lunch-sized short stories meant to be enjoyed on a quick break so that you can return refreshed and revitalized for the second half of your day!




This is a short story meant to be read in just a few minutes… something you can read on your lunch break or when you just have a few minutes and want a break. It was an Amazon Freebie and the 1 review it had said it was cute and clean. My version of “clean” is a little different as this has some language in it that turned me off. It was an ok read, one I stuck with until the end because it was so short, but I didn’t really connect with any of the characters. I can’t complain as it was a freebie and accomplished what I was looking for, a quick escape when I only had a few minutes to read and didn’t want to commit to a long book.


3starssRating: 3 Stars

Content: Language

Source: Freebie

Inspired Kathy name

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  1. Looks cute, I went and grabbed it, thanks!!