Book Review: The Eating Clean Simple Diet by Scott Walker

Eating Clean

Title: The Eating Clean Simple Diet

Author: Scott Walker

Released: February 4, 2013


There are so many benefits to eating clean, but the most obvious one is weight loss. Eating clean is a simple way to start losing weight, but also keep it off and stay healthy.

You can also expect to feel more energetic and healthier than ever before.

In this book “The Eating Clean Simple Diet” you will learn:
-What eating clean is and how it can help you
-How to start choosing the BEST foods
-How to avoid the BAD foods
-How to plan and prepare meals
-What to drink and what to avoid
-How to make this a lifestyle and not a diet
-Shopping list that is super easy to follow

Once you decide to eat clean it can be very confusing and difficult. This book will give you a Step By Step action plan that you can follow immediately



This was an Amazon Freebie. I was looking for some New Year’s motivation* to eat better so I read it.  It’s a short (41 pages), quick read.  I can’t say I learned anything but it did remind me about the importance of eating right.  Not a book I would pay money for because there is just not enough to justify it but if it ends up as a freebie again it’s worth grabbing a copy to read.

*If only that motivation would have stuck with me longer than a week…must stop eating junk food!



Rating: 3 Stars

Content: clean

Source: Freebie

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  1. Curious how this differs from Tosca Reno’s works: The Eat-Clean Diet and all its followups.