Book Review: Mars, Inc. by Ben Bova

Title:  Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire’s Club

Author:  Ben Bova

Publisher:  Baen

Release Date: December 3, 2013


Book Summary:

How do you get to the Red Planet?  Not via a benighted government program trapped in red tape and bound by budget constrictions, that’s for sure.  No, what it will take is a helping of adventure, science, corporate powerplays, a generous dollop of seduction—both in and out of the boardroom—and money, money, money!

Art Thrasher knows this.  He is a man with a driving vision: send humans to Mars.  The government has utterly failed, but Thrasher has got the plan to accomplish such a feat: form a “club” or billionaires to chip in one billion a year until the dream is accomplished.  But these are men and women who are tough cookies, addicted to a profitable bottom-line, and disdainful of pie-in-the-sky dreamers who want to use their cash to make somebody else’s dreams come true.

But Thrasher is different from the other dreamers in an important regard: he’s a billionaire himself, and the president of a successful company. But it’s going to take all his wiles as a captain of industry and master manipulator of business and capital to overcome setbacks and sabotage—and get a rocket full of scientist, engineers, visionaries, and dreamers on their way to the Red Planet.

The man for the job has arrived.  Art Thrasher is prepared to do whatever it takes to humans on Mars—or die trying!

Mars, Inc. was a readable novel about sending a manned expedition to Mars.  For me the focus was too much on the boardrooms, finance, and business around creating a new space program.  There was some intrigue that kept me guessing, but it was more of a corporate novel then a sci-fi type novel.

The main character is a womanizer who turns over a new leaf by the end of the book.  I didn’t relate to his character.  My favorite character was his secretary.

This is geared toward an adult audience.  There is sex and seduction in the book, while it was not graphic or descriptive, it was a focus of the main character through much of the book.

Rating: 3 Stars – Worth reading if you have the time


Sex – A theme of the book but not graphic

Language – There is some strong language (approximately 20 instances)

Violence – Very little

Source: Netgalley

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