Book Review: Written on Our Hearts by Emily Freeman

writtenTitle: Written on Our Hearts

Author: Emily Freeman

Publisher: Deseret Book

Release Date: August 29, 2013


Book Summary:

In the midst of every challenge or adversity, one thing is certain—the Lord will deliver us, and the Old Testament can help us understand how. We may not be called upon to cross the Red Sea, be led into captivity, or be confronted by armies with strength far greater than ours. But there will be days when we face obstacles, danger, oppression, and injustice. And in those moments we can recall how to trust like Gideon, to build like Nehemiah, to plead like Hezekiah, and to stand up for what we know like Micah. We can draw strength from courageous prophets and prophetesses, from great women and mothers in Israel. And we can experience the sustaining power these biblical stories can have in our own battles of life as we remember that just as the Lord delivered the children of Israel, He has the power to deliver us.


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This book is absolutely FABULOUS!  Seriously it is nothing short of phenomenal.

I’ve read the Old Testament cover to cover but think I got more out of this short book than I did from the entire painstaking reading of the actual Old Testament.  If you are looking for a way to liken the scriptures unto yourself this it the book to read.

Each chapter is short, usually just a page or two.  In each one Emily takes a story or line from the Old Testament and shares how it has impacted her life.  The stories are personal and ones that in nearly every instance I could relate to.

Honestly this book is near the top of my list of best books ever.  It brought me so much peace and comfort regarding some of the personal struggles in my own life.  If you haven’t read this one go get a copy.


5 stars


Rating: 5 Stars – I Loved It!

Source: Review Copy

Content: Clean

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