Book Review: Connection by Emily Ann Ward

Title: Connection

Author: Emily Ann Ward

Series: Le Garde

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: December 2012



Book Summary:

Aaron and Anna haven’t been friends for almost a year, not after he deserted her when she needed a friend the most. When Aaron approaches Anna for help with his homework, she can’t deny her former best friend or the way he makes her feel. Despite her reluctance to trust him again–not to mention how much their strange telepathic connection freaks her out–she gives in. English homework. How hard could that be?

Soon Anna finds out that nothing with Aaron is easy. Not the way their touch suddenly triggers power outages and lightning storms. Not the feelings he has for her despite her already having a boyfriend–or how she’s falling for him in return. And certainly not the mysterious secret society called Le Garde that wants to recruit them. The new knowledge that they’re not alone in their powers or connection forces them to choose between continuing to live their normal lives or falling deep into the world of Le Garde together–and maybe even in love.

Connection is a young adult urban fantasy novel, the first in a series.

Overall it was a good read but I initially had a hard time getting into the book. However about 1/3 of the way into it I was enjoying the story-line and and the exploration of the two main characters paranormal connection with each other and what that means for their future. I think a lot of teens would enjoy this book for its paranormal attributes and relatable situations that the teens get into.

Rating: 3

Content: Clean

Source: I’m a fan of this author’s other books so I bought this one via Smashwords

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