Book Review: The Misadvetnures of the Magician’s Dog by Frances Sackett

Title: The Misadventures of the Magician’s Dog

Author: Frances Sackett

Publisher: Holiday House

Release Date: October 1, 2013


Book Summary:

Peter Lubinsky doesn’t even like dogs and can’t understand why he asked for one for his birthday. But it turns out that this pet, whom Peter calls The Dog, can talk and do magic—and he needs Peter’s help. In return, The Dog promises to teach Peter conjuring and to help him bring his father home from the Middle East, where he is deployed with the air force. Soon Peter finds himself flying through the air on a mission to rescue The Dog’s master. But as Peter’s magical powers grow, he finds himself filled with a dark anger.

A bedroom full of dinosaur fossils, a waiter who was formerly a mouse, and an epic battle of magician’s make for a thrilling read. This imaginative middle-grade fantasy is about the power of enchantment and love.

I often don’t know how to start these things. So many thoughts run through my mind when I think of this book. So I guess I’ll begin where the author begins, at chapter one.
The book opens up with our main character, Peter. Dorky, geeky, and almost forgettable. Except for the one trait he has of saying things he doesn’t intend. I think we all have had to put our foot in our mouths at one point, but Peter’s mouth runs with a mind of its own, making decisions for him that he wants no part of.
That’s how he ends up with his dog, named the Dog. Almost as forgettable as him, except for the fact that he can talk and do magic! Talk about a catch!
 And then the adventure begins.
An amazing thing about this book is the endless stream of possibility. Anything can happen when there’s magic involved. Turning the page can lead you down any road or plot twist. The child in me was opened up through the fantasy and magic of the words.
As the story progresses, we learn more about Peter and his love for his family, his yearn for his dad, and the true cause of his awkwardness at school. Where some are dismissive, he is thoughtful. Though he might be an unlikely hero, his diligence and loveliness turn him into the hero he needs to be. Not only is this book a fantasy, but sort of a coming of age book where the main character must transition from childhood to the maturity forced upon him. And I loved that.
This book is just the right mix of action, magic, imagination, and a good story. Not only will the reader be entertained, but the suspense of the book combined with the endless possibilities will have you under the covers at night, reading the story by flashlight till dawn, just like the kid inside of you. I mean, that’s what I did. It was worth losing sleep over.
It’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

Rating: 4 Stars –  Great Book

Content: G-Rated!

Source: Author (blog tour)

Link to purchase the book: Amazon



  1. Ooo, I’m going to get this one to read to my kids. It sounds perfect for them!