Book Review: Wings of the Morning by Lori Wick

1341778Title: Wings of the Morning

Author: Lori Wick

Series: Kensington Chronicles #2

Publisher: Harvest House

Release Date: January 1, 1994


Book Summary: 

Victoria “Smokey” Simmons stands silently on deck as her father’s body is lowered into the Atlantic, asking God for the strength she will need to command the Aramis alone. Not wanting to remain at sea forever, Smokey dreams of the time when she can trade her life aboard ship for a home and family. When she meets another captain, Dallas Knight,  Smokey believes her dream will finally come true. But circumstances beyond their control and the schemes of a cunning pirate threaten to destroy this young couple’s hope for the future.

Wings of the Morning carries readers on a tender journey of love in which painful events become lasting blessings in the Father’s care.

I really liked this book. I especially liked the main character, Smokey. I liked how strong and confident she was in her profession as a sea captain. I also liked how it was contrasted by how awkward and inept she was in social situations. I liked her determination. And I liked how much she relied on God. At times it felt like a bit much, since I don’t know that I would have as easily turned to the Lord when faced with the trials she experienced, but I did like how she and the other characters turned to the Lord to help them in their trials. I liked the plot and I liked the other characters, except for the despicable pirate, of course. 
Rating: 4.5 stars – Highly Recommend
Content: Clean, recommended for ages 14+
Source: Library Sale
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  1. I read this book, by Lori Wick, awhile back and absolutely loved it. She is a sensational writer!