Book Review: The Gift by James Patterson

Title: The Gift
Series: Witch and Wizard #2
Author: James Patterson and Ned Rust
Series: Witch and Wizard (#2)
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Release Date: November 4, 2011
Book Summary: 
Whit and Wisty spend their days on the run, knowing that if they stop it will all end. They are being hunted, living their lives having to look over their shoulders every minute of every day. They feel hundreds of wicked eyes burning into them, looking deep into their souls. They are brother and sister- a witch and a wizard- living their lives under the New Order and it’s ruthless leader, The One Who Is The One, constantly and desperately on the run from his regime, and despite how far they have come and all the rebel friends they have alongside them, they still fight for every ounce of freedom that is left in the world.
Because as soon as they give up The One will be right there, waiting and ready to steal their Gifts. And these Gifts that they have are they only thing that’s stopping him from gaining absolute control of the world. This, their Gifts, their friends, their freedom, is why they keep fighting….and those are the reasons they will never stop.
Wisty and Whit find themselves running and hiding….something that has become a daily routine for them….a normalcy, a new idea of what it means to be a teenager, a teenager living under the New Order. Whit believes it is now all up to him, he believes he has forever lost Witsy to the evil that surrounds him…so he continues to run. Where will the running take them? What lies ahead for Whit and Wisty… and what is The Gift that The One would give his own life for and why is it so important? All they know is that they have to keep on running, with all that they have in order to keep the world they once knew intact.
So, the first book ended with a cliffhanger, which is not unusual for a book within a series….and yet it took me about a year to pick up the sequel. This was partially due to my hectic schedule, but also due to my lack of interest. I read Witch and Wizard while travelling, wasn’t near a bookstore that had it, and just kind of fogot to continue the series when I got home until I scrolled passed the book on my Nook a year later. But please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not saying that the book was terrible and I didn’t want to read the rest of the series, because that is not it at all. I really just forgot about it, and when I came across the first book I was excited to get the second book. I highly doubt any of that blabbing that I just did made you interested in this book…so just stick with me a bit longer…hear me out…
The Gift begins where the cliffhanger, that I mentioned, left off….continuing with the adventures of Whit and his sister Wisty. The story continues to switch between their POV’s throughout the novel, giving a change of pace every so often, and it was something I very much enjoyed. We find them, once again in a changing world, ready to take on evil. To my enjoyment, this novel was able to do many things the first did not. The character development was much better than that of Witch and Wizard. I felt like I was actually getting to know the characters as individuals, and it gave me a better understanding of the story as a whole. I personally like the story from Whit’s POV more than that of Wisty. Despite his constant desire to be with his dead girlfriend again, to me he is just a better character. But the cool thing about it, is that if you like one more than the other, the POV’s switch enough that you don’t get bored or too annoyed with just one.
Something I didn’t see coming was Witsy having a spark of romance in this book. Not that I didn’t think she deserved it, but because of the lack of character development in the first book she just didn’t seem like the type. But, Patterson proved me wrong and I enjoyed the fact that he did. I applaud Patterson, for being able to connect to his target audience so well. He writes great adult novels, and to see him connect to the teen level is really cool to see. This series is still not my favorite thing from Patterson, but it is a worthy effort. The Gift, for me, is better than the first book of the series, it is my favorite of the two, and I hope that the series continues to get better. This book had humor and witt (I am not just talking about the character either) in all of the right places and that added to the story. It gave depth to the plot, something I missed in book one. I would recommend this book to fans of Patterson and anyone ages 10 and up. It is a good read for those with the time.
So this time I hope I get the next installment, The Fire, in less than a year…because I would really like to know what happens next.
Rating: 3 Stars- Worth reading if you have the time
Content: Mild language, violence
Source: Barnes and Noble