Book Review: Pigments of My Imagination by Angela Kulig

pigmentsTitle : Pigments of My Imagination

Author: Angela Kulig

Series: Soul Painters

Publisher: Green Envy Press

Release Date: September 23, 2013



Book Summary

From the moment Lucia steps into Bayside Art Academy, she is fed a steady stream of lies, but it’s not until she meets William that she begins to question the people she trusts. Unraveling fact from fabrication seems impossible until Lucia finds her first painting, and discovers the dead do not lie–at least not to her.

A dozen lifetimes ago, Lucia started a war. Not a war with armies or guns, but a bloody war nonetheless. The path leading Lucia to the truth is hidden within lovely art that spans the ages. In this life, however, Lucia doesn’t know where to look. Lost, she turns to the one thing she knows with certainty–she is in love with Leo, and has been before.


Satty's Review


Firstly I would like to thank Angela Kulig, author of Pigments of My Imagination, for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this awesome book.

Here we meet and share the life of Lucia while she has a different kind of feeling on meeting some of the strangers, it feels to her as if they are known to her but surprisingly she never meet them before ‘well, in this life time though’. Yeah, I hope that you got the catch there! This story is a story of incarnation and Lucia is the girl here who has many past lives and now she is going to unravel the mystery behind it all and bare the truth.

Her mother on knowing that she has these strange feelings drops her off at the doorstep of a Psychologist and soon she forgets all about these weird things but there is a hollowness within herself, a feeling of not belonging here that she couldn’t eradicate. Then she gets a scholarship to join Bayside Art Academy where she once again these weird sensations surrounds her. At first she is fed with lies but slowly as the story progresses we will find her turning all the rocks in discovering the truth about her strange feelings and the true identity of the people who seems familiar to her. Then she meets Leo and the mystery starts to solve before her.

This story is great and have all the essential elements that are required to make a story believable. The characterization is remarkable with fully developed characters and the sync between them. The plot is well thought out and the characters fit in it perfectly giving the feeling of a complete story to the readers.

The concept of reincarnation is not new but the concept of the art being the key to the solution of this mystery and the secrets that are hidden within these year old art is refreshing and unique.

The writing style is good and I really liked the use of simple yet skilled words that gave the feeling of pleasure to me while reading. The author created a connection between me and the story instantly within a few chapters and I felt myself in Lucia’s shoes, experiencing her life through her eyes and feeling each and every emotion that wound her heart.

The use of multiple point of view is becoming a trend nowadays and if it is pulled out efficiently then it brings different colors within the same palette but I found that efficiency to be somewhat lacking here and got a bit confused while the story switched over different POVs and so I have deducted a star there.

The story involves strong friendship, family love, passionate romance and the accomplishment of a quest that have been started lives ago. It has action, romance, somewhat humorous touch to it and above all the mystery is pulsing and will make you anxious to know the truth, the suspense was eerie too.

A great experience from my side and hope that you all would like it as much as I did. Happy reading!


4 stars


Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Source: I got his book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.

Content: Sexual content but not in detail descriptions

Purchase: Just .99 cents on Amazon.