Book Review ~ Mer: Falling Kingdom by Jade M. Phillips

18516598Title: Mer: Falling Kingdom
Series: Mer #2
Publisher: Kith Books
Release Date: September 4, 2013

Book Summary

In this eagerly awaited sequel to MER: The Captain’s Secret, Jade M. Phillips has created a work of unsurpassed vision, magic, and imagination. Falling Kingdom, the second book in the MER series, transports us to a world of revenge and revelry, warfare and wizardry unlike any you have ever experienced.

In an ancient realm where mystical creatures are myth and enchantment is only found in bed-time stories, a dark magic bleeds into the land, causing fairy tales—good and evil— to wake after a long and deep sleep. With more secrets revealed and with the help of a mysterious group called the Peace Protectors, the Castlecray children continue to race against time in search for answers to further help them in their quest. Son fights father and sister fights brother in this tale of good versus evil, land versus sea, and legend versus law. And with the broken prophecy now united and in the hands of an evil enchantress, the world hangs in the balance, threatened to be swallowed whole by the dreaded and ravenous power of MER. Against a backdrop of magical forests and malicious murderers, victory may go to the truest of heart or to the blackest of soul. For when evil enters the world, realms will tremble and Kingdoms will fall.

I devoured Book One of this series and have been eagerly awaiting Book Two.  I love reading this story as it unfolds all the many secrets that are hidden within this magical world that Jade has created.  You find out more about the war between the Shadows and the Mer people as a battle on land comes to life.  You are wrapped up in each page as more details are brought to light and then, as you are on the edge of your seat, you are dealt a cruel blow and you are like “now what?”  A spectacular ending to the second book; I am on the edge just waiting to fall into Book Three.  This author has me by the shirt tails, and I am wondering if she will pull me back or throw me off the cliff.

Rating : 5 stars fantastic story

Content: Mild violence, some magic discussion, very mild romance

Source:  Bought as kindle book on amazon

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic read. I love myths and fairytales(:

    Great review!