Book Review: Broken by CJ Lyons

Title:  Broken

Author:  CJ Lyons

Series:  None

Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire

Release Date:  Nov 5 2013


Book Summary:

All She wants is a normal life. Diagnosed with a rare and untreatable heart condition, Scarlet has come to terms with the fact that she’s going to die. Literally of a broken heart. It could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. But the clock is ticking… All Scarlet asks is for a chance to attend high school — even if just for a week — a chance to be just like everyone else. But Scarlet can feel her heart beating out of control with each slammed locker and vicious taunt. Is this normal? Really? Yet there’s more going on than she knows. And finding out the truth might just kill Scarlet before her heart does…

This was a great novel!  I’m a fan of medical thrillers and an even bigger fan of books that keep me guessing (and second-guessing).   I know that teen-aged me would have loved it too.
It’s the story of 15 year old Scarlet Killian and her going to school for the first time.  She meets some people who just may be her first friends ever.  It’s also the story of the disease that will surely kill her.
The book started out a little bit slow but quickly turned into a “can’t put it down” read.  Right from the start I admired and liked Scarlet.  A girl who could die any moment but is determined to live her life to the full.  She forces herself to be brave and doesn’t back down from a fight.
My 13 year old daughter kept peeking over my shoulder to see what was going on.  I’m going to have to pre-order her a copy so she can find out!

Rating: 5 Stars – Great Book


Sex – In one paragraph the protagonist wonders what sex will be like (mild – not graphic), some kissing

Language – None

Violence – Bullying, school fight, abuse – not gratuitous




broken tour

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  1. Karla, it sounds great. I like books that keep you guessing, and that you can’t put down! I also appreciate your comments on content since I have a teenage daughter that might also enjoy reading this.

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback!