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Author Fiauna Lund fiauna

Fiauna Lund is a grown woman with an overactive imagination, a passion for writing, four children, and the dirty house to prove it.

Reading and writing have always been passions for Fiauna. During her childhood she spent hours exploring the woods of rural western Pennsylvania where she first began creating stories about faeries, pixies, magic, and mystical creatures.

She met her husband, Aaron, while attending Utah State University, and later earned a degree in human services from Columbia College which allowed her to study the uniquely challenged and inspiring people who serve as her collective muse. She now resides in Farmington, Utah. When she’s not reading, writing, or running, she spends her time caring for her four adorable children and one rambunctious dog.

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Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing


10. I can pretend it is my real job. And sometimes people actually believe me!

9. I snack while I write—and I LOVE snack foods.

8. Just think of all the calories I burn while my fingers blaze across the keyboard!

7. I can justify my desire for the latest, greatest Apple computer product by saying, “It’s for my writing.”

6. It provides a purpose for all my daydreaming. I get to explore any world, any time period, any fascinating subject and mold it to fit my creative intention.

5. It’s a great outlet for my fears, frustrations, or recent obsessions.

4. Sometimes people actually read what I write—and like it! That feels great!

3. I can do my work in sweaty yoga pants and a ponytail and nobody has to know.

2. I find it much more an escape and therefore more relaxing than reading (see number five above).

1. It allows me to interact with my children. They all love reading—and writing, too! They read my projects and give me input. Meanwhile, I give them a desire to live their dreams and explore every possibility.



When Brit Kavanagh was a baby her mother disappeared, but not before she gave her daughter wings—sewn into her skin with needle and thread.

Seventeen years later, Brit’s quiet, protected life is turned upside-down when her father dies, leaving her in the care of relatives she hardly knows. Almost from the moment she arrives in her new home, Brit is haunted by the terrifying apparition of a banshee and disaster strikes wherever she goes. From a near-drowning experience to a house fire at a crowded party, no one around her is safe.

Brit is desperate to unravel the mysteries behind her wings and the curse of the banshee before someone else gets hurt. The only person who can help her is Gentry O’Neill, a handsome lifeguard who knows more than he’s telling. With Gentry’s help, Brit must embark on a journey of discovery that will lead her through her mother’s troubled past, her father’s dark secrets, and the horrifying truth of her own existence.



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