Book Review: Unpleasant Grove by Sheralyn Pratt

unpleasant groveTitle: Unpleasant Grove

Author: Sheralyn Pratt

Series: The Rhea Jensen Series #5

Released: January 15, 2013

Publisher: Wicked Sassy


Book Summary:

Blaine Adkins was shot in his apartment between the hours of ten and midnight. None of his neighbors heard a sound, none of them saw a thing. All of them are glad he’s gone. There wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute when he was alive, but everyone knew Blaine was a killer. Fourteen months before he died, he shot a Pleasant Grove woman in the heart, killing her. And the fact that Blaine’s own body is found by his neighbor’s dog after he takes a bullet in his heart? That’s just a case of karmic justice. Or is it?

As Kathryn McCoy ropes Rhea into helping her report on the story, Rhea starts asking some obvious questions. And while Rhea’s putting together the facts of the case, she has no idea that life as she knows it is about to fundamentally change.

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This review is going to be short and spoiler free because I can’t say much about a 5th book in a series without leaving spoilers for earlier books. For those who haven’t picked up these books yet I hope you do because I absolutely adore this series.

Unpleasant Grove is the 5th book in The Rhea Jensen Series.  You definitely need to read them in order so start at the beginning with City of Angels.  They are LDS fiction but not the preachy, cheesy kind of LDS fiction.  Rhea is not your typical Mormon which is probably why I love her so much.  Ty is quite plain and simply perfect.  I love Kay & Dahl and can’t wait to see what happens between them in the final book Memory Lane.  A feel good, make you laugh & smile & sigh type book  that I stayed up way too late reading.  Keep writing Sheralyn, you’ve made me a fan!


5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I Loved It!

Content: Clean except for 1 swear word

Source: Review copy from Author


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The Rhea Jensen Series
Meet Rhea (Ray) Jensen, a pint-sized private investigator for people who like to pay into the five, six, and seven figures to get a job done. She’s not down on her luck. Her car doesn’t suck or blow up, but she’s got her own set of problems. And not to point fingers or anything, but they seemed to show up the same day as two Mormon missionaries. Hence, the upfront disclaimer: Warning. Contains Mormons.

If you like sass and a fair share of action, the Rhea Jensen may be just what you’re looking for. Six titles are planned in the series (although only five are from Rhea’s point of view). Titles include:

City of Angels (released June 2010)
Welcome to Stalk Lake City (released August 2010)
City Limits (released October 2010)
Kay’sVille (released December 2010) – Book written from the perspective of Kathryn McCoy
UnPleasant Grove (January 2013)
Memory Lane (to be announced)
The Avenues (March 2012) – Tie in written from Ty’s perspective


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