Book Review: The Judas Postcard by Suzanne Allain

judasTitle: The Judas Postcard

Author: Suzanne Allain

Series: None

Publisher: Self

Release Date: February 2011


Book Summary:

“Judas, I did not die.”

When Sarah Kendrick reads those words on the back of a postcard she chances upon, she’s immediately intrigued. What begins as idle curiosity spirals out of control when Sarah uncovers a twenty-five year old crime of corruption and betrayal. Her efforts to untangle the mystery make her the target of a powerful enemy who will do anything to keep the past from being revealed. Sarah’s initial quest for independence quickly becomes a fight for her life, and she’s forced to accept help from her own particular Judas: the ex-husband who betrayed her.

A modern-day romantic suspense novel.


Alisas review


I didn’t know what to expect with this book because there really haven’t been any reviews written for it. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this! I especially loved watching Michael’s and Sarah’s relationship develop.

Following her divorce, Sarah is unpacking boxes when she comes across a lost library book. A postcard falls out of the library book. The postcard is a picture of Judas betraying Jesus and on the back is a cryptic message: “Judas, I did not die. R.R.” The postcard is addressed to Charles Maitland, a client of Sarah’s ex-husband.

Sarah, in need of some purpose in her life following her divorce, can’t resist solving this riddle… Even knowing that getting close to Charles and Helen Maitland will inevitably draw her back into Michael’s (her ex-husband) circle.

Michael has never stopped loving Sarah. After committing adultery, he doesn’t feel like he deserved her any more and so didn’t contest the divorce (which Sarah assumed meant that he was in love with the person he had the affair with).

Sarah is definitely in over her head and becomes the target of someone who will do anything to get rid of her… Someone who has everything to lose if the riddle gets solved. Michael is the only person who can protect her, and he will give up everything to be sure that Sarah is safe…

5 stars

Rating: 5 stars

Content: Clean. There is no sex, but there are innuendos (Michael is a man hoping to reconcile with his ex-wife who he has always been very attracted to)

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