Book Review: The Feylands by Peter Meredith

The Feylands (The Hidden Lands)Title:  The Feylands
Author: Peter Meredith
Series: The Hidden Lands
Publisher:  Peter Meredith
Release Date: April 30th, 2013

Book Summary:

Ella Belmont is a normal girl to those who don’t look too close. To those with a keener eye it’s obvious that she’s a step apart—a step above. She has an easy grace, a natural beauty, and a serenity of the soul that isn’t at all common in modern America. Ella is different and purposefully so, she just doesn’t realize it. Nor does she realize that she is in fact a pawn in a deadly, magical game where lives and hidden kingdoms hang in the balance and the question on everyone’s lips is not who is she, but what is she?

To be precise, she is bait.

Is Ella a Fey or a Human?  This is the central part of the story.  You really get involved in the story line because you want that question answered.  I love the added parts of the goblins, the fairies helping fight the goblins, and most of all how Gada the Dishonored gains his honor back right at the very end of the book.  
The ending left me completly blown away because they struggle and claw their way to the Feylands to find out if Ella is human as the Fey character Aric thinks she is to only discover that it was all a trap.  It completely left me in shock and amazement.  It was like all the blood shed and struggles were almost for nothing. I totally want to read the next book and see what will happen to Ella now that she knows what she knows.   I do wish though that the answer would have come much earlier in the book rather than right at the very end. 

Content:  A bit of sexual tension between characters, but nothing over the top; lots of blood shed and violence.
Source: Given the book by the author for an honest review

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