Book Review: Fire in the Snow by John McCrae

4520062Title: Fire in the Snow

Author: John McCrae

Series: Trilogy of Fire, book 1

Publisher: Deseret Book Company

Release Date: December 31, 1993

Book Summary:

Maimed during the brutal Crimean War, Carn Tregale returns home to England, only to discover that fate has robbed him of his young wife. Lost and alone, he joins Edward Martin and his company of Mormon converts headed for America.

As trailmaster, and as the only nonmember among the hundreds of passengers on the emigrant ship Horizon, Carn learns respect for the Saints and finds himself drawn to Heather Lee, a refined and beautiful young woman who seems out of place among the impoverished emigrants. 

Following the sometimes stormy relationship between these two young adventurers, author John McRae has written a gripping novel about love and faith and the cost of pioneering the American West. 

Fire in the Snow is the story of the ill-fated Martin handcart company, who walked headlong into storms and starvation in the Rocky Mountainsdangers they never imagined would stand between them and their dream of getting to Zion. 

As the peril increases, some feel the awakening of new love, while others discover inner strength and faith. All are desperate to survive, clinging to a hope that somehow they might escape the certain death closing in around them. 

I enjoyed reading this book. I learned more about the Martin Handcart company. I knew very little before reading this book. I don’t how much of it is true and how much of it is made up. But I did look some of it up, and I believe the basics at least are true and not fictional. It actually in some ways read more like creative nonfiction than fiction. At times it felt like the author tried to fit in as much as he could about the different types of things the company experienced on the trail. At times it also felt more like the author was just telling about different things that had happened rather than showing. This made it hard to “live” the story as I do with many books I read, yet I am not sure how much I truly want to “live” the suffering they went through. Overall I really did enjoy reading this book. There were a number of times throughout the book that I felt inspired and uplifted by the stories being told. 
Rating: 3.5 stars – Good Book
Content: clean – some violence, a couple swear words, and, for the squeamish, the removal of frost-bitten toes 
Source: My bookshelf, not sure when or where I acquired it. 
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