Book Review: Colony East by Scott Cramer


Title: Colony East
Author: Scott Cramer
Series: The Toucan Trilogy
Publisher: Trainrenoir Publishing
Release Date: October 2013

Book Summary:

In a terrifying world where an epidemic has killed off most of the world’s adults, fifteen-year-old Abby struggles to keep her brother and sister safe. When a new, deadly disease starts to spread among the survivors, Abby must make the dangerous journey to Colony East, an enclave of hidden scientists caring for a small group of children for reasons unknown.

Abby fears that time is running short for the victims, but she’s soon to learn that time is running out for everyone outside Colony East.

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First let me say that I really enjoyed reading this book. To me, sequels can be a hit or miss. Mr. Cramer’s sequel is definitely a hit. I have read book one, Night of the Purple Moon, and I feel that book two was just as good- maybe better- as the first book. He continues the story where it left off in book one and the action, emotions and events are non-stop. As with book one, the ending was a bit of a cliff-hanger, which is to be expected since this is a planned trilogy. With that said, the ending is dramatic but with rays of hope. All of that just makes you tap your fingers with impatience at the probable long wait you will be doing before the third book is published.

Mr. Cramer’s writing is very easy to read, he has a way of developing characters that show depth and intelligence along with highlighting various facets of humanity. Besides the general plot to the story, what makes it more unique is the way he incorporates the different ways the characters react to death, sickness, hunger, challenges, betrayal and more. He did an excellent job at describing this dystopian world in a clean, age-appropriate manner. I would recommend this book to all readers that are pre-teen and older.

Rating: 4.5 Stars – Highly Recommend!
Content: Clean
Source: I received an ARC copy from the author for an honest review.

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If you haven’t read the first book you should! The author is offering book one free for a limited time! You can find Night of Purple Moon via Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords