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fight for you

Author Misty Moncur

Misty Moncur wanted to be Indiana Jones when she grew up. Instead, she became an author and has her adventures at home. In her jammies. With her imagination. And pens that she keeps running dry.

Misty lives in a marsh near a very salty lake in Utah with her husband and children, where they cuddle up in the evenings and read their Kindles. Well, she does anyway.

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Top Ten

1- Favorite dessert
New York cheesecake

2-Pieces of Advice you have for aspiring writers
Keep Writing.
The rest (publishing, book groups, conferences, etc.) is just gravy.

3-Words you try not to use.

4-Favorite Authors
LuAnne Rice
Karen Witemeyer
Robyn Carr
Gayle Forman

5-Words you love.

6-Favorite Snacks
Homemade yogurt
Cold pizza
Hot rolls and butter
Ham and Swiss sandwiches
Chocolate covered almonds
Leftover Chinese food

7-Favorite Books
Along For The Ride – Sarah Dessen
It’s Not Summer Without You – Jenny Han
What I Didn’t Say – Keary Taylor
A Tailor-Made Bride – Karen Witemeyer
The Lost Prince – Jennifer Neilson
Divergent – Veronica Roth
Matched – Ally Condie
Here’s a link to some of my other favorites and what I liked about them.

8-Books you have in your library
Maya Civilizations – T. Patrick Culbert
People of the Earth – Brian M. Fagan
Walden and Other Writings – Henry David Thoreau
The Autobiography and Other Writings – Benjamin Franklin
The Colossus and other Poems – Sylvia Plath
Selected Poems – Robert Frost
100 Selected Poems – E.E. Cummings
The Selected Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay

9-Things that bring a smile to your face
Babies, other people’s
Painted toenails
New notebooks with fresh white pages
New pens
Good makeup
Completing a craft project
Finishing something hard
Clean stand-up comedians
Being with my family

10- tunes you have on your (Music) Ipod, etc..
Treacherous – Taylor Swift
Yellow – Coldplay
Spirit of a Storm – Kenny Chesney
All We Are – OneRepublic
Knocking on my Door – Peter Breinholt
Everything Has Changed – Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift
Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol
Love Is the Answer – Weezer
Just Breath – Pearl Jam



fight for you coverFight for You

Keturah fought her way into the army, but now she’s in Judea building fortifications, and the only thing she’s fought so far is boredom. The work is hard, and the other soldiers don’t think she can pull her weight. Her brothers are becoming strangers, and Zeke’s jealousy is getting worse – because Keturah is falling in love with the wrong warrior.

But she’s not about to let cruel pranks and hurt feelings keep her from doing what she knows to be right. She completes every order with faithfulness – a hasty retreat from the Lamanite army, a spy mission into the enemy stronghold, a midnight assassination. From burying the dead to whiling away hours on guard duty, Keturah will do whatever it takes to protect her religion, her freedom, her peace, and her family.

But in a camp of two thousand boys, the most important thing she has to protect is her heart.

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