4th Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop Sign Ups

gratitude 2013


4th Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop

November 15th to 30th

*PLEASE NOTE THIS HOP IS DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS I HOST!  Please read the following before signing up!
Gratitude Giveaways is similar to the No-Strings attached hops I have hosted but you are allowed to require people to follow you 1 way to enter.

This is a way to thank your followers not ask them to do things for you. No asking them to do extra things for extra entries and no asking them to follow you multiple ways. You can only have one possible entry per person such as: follow via bloglovin’, follow via twitter or like on facebook etc. Remember that many people do not use twitter or facebook so if you require that as your 1 possible entry you are automatically excluding people from entering.

I’ve found it’s best to offer people their choice of how they follow you. Say something like – follow this blog your favorite way (twitter, facebook, bloglovin’, linky tools or email). That way everyone can follow you and enter.


Hop Rules

This hop is scheduled to run from November 15th to November 30th. Your post should be scheduled to be live by 12:01 am EST on November 15th.  I prefer posts go up early so I have time to update the linky so please plan to post sometime on Thursday, November 14th.

I want to make sure everyone is aware of all the rules. I will be deleting all non-compliant blogs.

The giveaway image must be part of your post.
Your post must include the linky or a link to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.
Your giveaway must be book related and be valued at at least $10.  You can giveaway gift cards, books, etc.

You can only have 1 entry per person and you must keep it simple.

Only family friendly sites & giveaways allowed (no erotica, steamy romance, gruesome horror)


Please remember that this hop is a way to thank your followers… Not to ask them to do something for you. You can only have 1 entry per person and that must be something simple!



  • 1 entry per person and keep it simple.
  • MINIMUM VALUE – There is a $10 Minimum Value for this hop.  You must have at least 1 prize with a value of at least $10.00.  You can include additional prizes that are less than $10 to additional winners if you choose.  Authors who wish to giveaway ebook copies of their book can do so but MUST include a gift card or additional prize to go along with the ebook to meet the minimum value requirement.

To sign up to host a giveaway add you blog name to the linky below with your shipping info in parenthesis following your blog name.



  1. sorry I forgot to add that the Reading After Sunset giveaway will be international

  2. Oh dear, I forgot to put my shipping info…

  3. Hi,
    I’d love to participate, but offering gift cards, e-vouchers etc is difficult because I’m from the UK and don’t know how to purchase a gift card from Amazon for use in the US. Any thoughts?

    • I’m in the UK and I will be offering a book from the Book Depository so you just add in the winners address and its free shipping to most places and you can check the prices on the website for uk and us easily.

  4. Looking forward to participating!

  5. Kathy – please change my entry (#116) to US. Thanks!

  6. Being new to the world of Blog Hops and Giveaways, do you have a thought about blog content, or do I just describe the items I’m giving away?