Where I share my love of Amazon Prime…your chance to read books for FREE!

Amazon offers readers a FREE trial of Amazon Prime.  I’ve taken advantage of this 30 day free trial a couple times over the past 3 years and highly recommend you give it a try.  As long as you cancel within 30 days they don’t bill you and you won’t pay anything.

During your 30 day trial you can take advantage of their FREE 2 day shipping, watch an unlimited number of instant videos and those who own a Kindle can gain access to the Kindle Lending Library for FREE.  This allows you to borrow books and read them for FREE.

Currently there are  lots of books that should be on your to read list that can be read as part of the lending library.

What do I suggest you read for free during your 30 day trial?  How about one of these books I have read and LOVED!



You can only check out 1 book per month. The policy says you can only check out one book at a time which lead me to believe once you returned that book you could check out another one… wrong 🙁

The lending library only allows 1 borrow per month.  A policy Amazon will hopefully modify in the future to at least 1 per week!  But for now you can borrow 1 free book during your free trial so that is at least worth something 🙂

They do offer unlimited FREE instant videos including one of favorites Downton Abbey!


And then of course there is the FREE shipping.  I hate to pay for shipping.  Prior to Prime I always shopped super saver shipping and waited until I had $25 worth of purchases (or more often than not added something extra to my cart to hit the $25).  I love not need to do that anymore.  Now I just purchase what I want when I come across it and it is here 2 days later.  In the end this has saved me money because if I just want one book that is $5.99 I can just order that instead of adding more items to my cart to reach the $25 for free shipping.


If you do decide to give prime a try be sure to mark on your calendar the day you need to cancel so you don’t get charged anything unless like me you find that you love it so much you decide to pay to remain on the program.


If you have tried Prime in the past you may be able to try it again at some point as they offered me another chance to try it again for free.