Feed Your Reader with this Freebie – Desert Fire by Marcia Lynn McClure

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Another Marcia Lynn McClure book for FREE today! How I wish they had all these freebies when I first discovered Marcia. I bought every book she had written and I’m usually not a book buyer.  So grab this free copy while you have the chance!


desert fireDesert Fire


She opened her eyes and beheld, for the first time, the face of Jackson McCall. Ruggedly handsome and her noble rescuer, she knew in that moment, he would forever hold captive her heart, as he then held her life in his protective arms.

Yet, she was a nameless beauty, haunted by wisps of visions form the past. How could she ever hope he would return the passionate, devotional love she secreted for him…when her very existence was a riddle?


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  1. I love this book!!!