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peter 1Author Peter Meredith

Peter Meredith, the author of ten novels, was born in Alaska and
raised in New York City. Along with his beautiful wife and two children he now
makes his home in Colorado. Over his lifetime he’s been a paratrooper
in the 82nd Airborne Division, an emergency room nurse, restaurant manager, a
realtor and a business owner. During the Great Recession, when his LED lighting
business died a slow death he took up writing. His first novel: The Horror of
the Shade was completed in 2010 when he was forty-three years old.



If you could jump in to a book and live in that world, which would it be?

The Lord of the Rings. Middle-earth, with its elves and dragons; and its chivalry and honor is where I belong.

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

Stay in school. Don’t give up on your dreams. Reach for the stars. And definitely memorize as many platitudes as you can before giving interviews. Truthfully, I’m full of advice specific to indie publishing or writing in general and don’t mind answering questions. I can be messaged at Goodreads or will reply to blog comments.

How do you react to a bad review?

I sulk and then I pout. After that I grieve for the youth of America. Then I eat chocolate Ice-cream and then a good review comes in and I sigh–the world is right again.

Who or what inspired you to become an author?

Fate and a bad economy which destroyed my business and opened up free time for me to write.

In your wildest dreams, which author would you love to co-author a book with?

Stephen King, but more for his sake than mine. As good as he is, King needs an outside voice strong enough to tell him “No.” His problem is that too much of his native genius is spoiled by his ego. Look at Gerald’s game or Bag of Bones or the fact that Goodreads has topics that read: King’s worst books. Yes, he is great, rich and famous, but he could even better.

Favorite quote from a movie?

Barfly-Mickey Rourke, “It’s not that I hate cops. It’s just I like it better when they’re not around.”

What is you favorite way to spend a rainy day?

Since a rainy day in Colorado occurs only 5 or six times a year I actually look forward to them quite a bit. They’re like mini-vacations and I generally lounge about, relaxing.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

As a teen in New York City, I bummed fifty cents off the slinkiest, rattiest street person you ever saw.

How long do you generally let a story idea ‘marinate’ in your brain before you start the book?

If I’m in the middle of writing, then I take a few quick notes and let it go. If not I set to writing immediately.

If you could take over the world, would you?

World dominance equals world peace, yet it may also lead to eternal slavery. So…I don’t know.

Something your readers would never guess about you?

I had to take remedial English in my first year of college–and then dropped the class!

Scariest moment?

The Haunting at Red Feathers–the scariest afternoon of my life and what got me writing in the first place.


feylandsThe Feylands

Ella Belmont is a normal girl to those who don’t look too close. To those with a keener eye it’s obvious that she’s a step apart—a step above. She has an easy grace, a natural beauty, and a serenity of the soul that isn’t at all common in modern America. Ella is different and purposefully so, she just doesn’t realize it. Nor does she realize that she is in fact a pawn in a deadly, magical game where lives and hidden kingdoms hang in the balance and the question on everyone’s lips is not who is she, but what is she?
To be precise, she is bait.

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  1. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I enjoyed the interview and love the sounds of the Feylands! Fairies and mermaids are my favorite supernatural creatures!!