Book Review: The Unexpected Wife by Emily Hendrickson

unexpetedTitle: The Unexpected Wife
Author: Emily Hendrickson
Series: None
Released: October 1, 1998
Publisher: Signet

Book Summary:

Her father gone, her estate for the taking, Juliet Winterton was facing an arranged marriage to a drunken gambler. So she ran away–to a charming home on the country estate of Alexander Barr, Viscount Hawkswood, the most notorious rake in London. Juliet would simply pretend to be his wife while he was away. But then the selfsame rake made an unexpected return, barging into her newfound sanctuary!

Alexander had planned on hiding at his remote estate to escape a husband hunter. But on his arrival he found a lovely young innocent posing as his wife. A man of noble blood, Alex couldn’t turn the poor girl away. So he joined in the charade–and soon found the game very much to his liking. But when his heart turned to the most scandalous passion a rake could imagine–true love–the false marriage became merely a rehearsal… for the real thing.


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Juliet Winterton is the daughter of a Viscount who is about to be forced into a horrible marriage. She runs away and discovers a forgotten property owned by the Viscount Hawkswood. With nowhere else to turn, Juliet moves into this unused property and becomes known as the beautiful, talented, forgotten young wife of the rake Viscount Hawkswood. She fixes up his house and gardens, and is loved by everyone in Woodbury!

When it becomes necessary for Alexander Barr, Viscount Hawkswood to go far away and hide for a while, he decides to go to an obscure property his grandmother left him in Woodbury. Imagine his surprise when he arrives and discovers a lovely “wife” who he has never met. Alexander and Juliet quickly realize that continuing the pretend marriage is mutually beneficial.

But their quiet country seclusion is anything but secluded. They have a stream of unexpected visitors and in order to convince everyone that they are married they have to entrench themselves deeper and deeper in the deception…

I fell in love with both Juliet and Alexander. It was fun to watch their relationship grow as they helped each other out, and worked together to convince everyone that they were married!


5 stars


Rating: 5 stars
Content: Very clean



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  1. This sounds like a book I would love. I’ve added it to my tbr. Thanks for the review!