Book Review: The Rose by Dennis Berry

roseTitle: The Rose (A Lady Katherine Novel, #1)

Author:   Dennis Berry

Series:   Lady Katherine Novels


Publisher: The Spotty Dog Press Publishing


Release Date:  July 31, 2013



Book Summary:

When thirteen-year-old Lady Katherine sailed away from her home in the Caribbean for school in London, she didn’t expect a brutal pirate attack. Nor did she anticipate ridicule and exclusion by her peers, or harsh punishment by the headmistress and the princess House Assistant in Emerald House. Far from her mind when she boarded the ship was a murder mystery to solve. Don’t get her started on the ghost. Her biggest surprise came, however, from a slip of the tongue by the Earl of Oxford; one that could have history changing implications.


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Lady Katherine is quite a character! She breaks the mold of young noblewoman on the first page. She is spunky and inventive, always looking for adventure. From taking part in a bucket brigade to solving a murder mystery, there is never a dull moment. Put her in a chilly haunted castle and you can imagine what will happen. This novel is delightful and fun for all ages. I would gladly recommend it to any young person I know. Katherine is strong, yet respectful most of the time. The descriptions of her surroundings spoke to my imagination and I could clearly envision her quarters on deck, the stone walls of the castle passageways, and her encounter with the castle’s unearthly occupants. Of course the ending leaves you anticipating the next in this series to see what further scrapes Lady Katherine gets herself into.



Rating: 4.5 Stars – I highly recommend this novel to any young person – especially young girls.


Content: Definitely clean. Not a hint of anything objectionable.


Source: I purchased the e-book for my Kindle for PC from Amazon.


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