Book Review: Losing Francesca by J. A. Huss

Title: Losing Francesca

Author: J. A. Huss

Publisher: Science Future Press

Release Date: July 1, 2013


Book Summary:

WARNING: This book contains no smut. It’s not smexy or hot. It’s sweet and filled with a longing so deep, your heart will ache and maybe even break. This book is about bare feet on the beach, the sound of crashing waves, first kisses, losing your faith and then, against all odds, finding it again. This book is about bad things that change people’s lives, a father’s love for his daughter, a brother’s love for his sister, a bad boy who finally figures out why he’s so broken, and a girl who grows up.

Francesca Sabatini came to America to take in the sights, celebrate her high school graduation, and have fun wasting time before college starts in the fall.

That’s not what happens.

Fresh off the plane and barely on American soil more than a handful of minutes, Francesca’s face is recognized by TSA scanners to be a match for a child who was kidnapped twelve years ago.

Brody Mason remembers the day Fiona Sullivan went missing during a family vacation in Italy and it’s haunted him his whole life. So when Francesca shows up at the Sullivan farm down the road, he’s compelled to figure out if this girl really is his long-lost friend.

But Francesca knows she’s not Fiona Sullivan. She knows exactly who she is. At least she thinks she knows – until Brody Mason relentlessly pursues her and she begins to have feelings for him. Maybe being Fiona isn’t so bad?

Reality becomes blurred, secrets are revealed, and life will never be the same when the final questions are answered: Is she Francesca or Fiona? And where does she really belong?

Wow. This book is just wow. It is such a great story I’d recommend it for most folks. On the outside this story is about a girl, Francesca, who is taken by the US government while entering the US from Italy during a solo vacation. They detain her due to facial recognition saying she fits the sketch of a missing US girl, Fiona. For two months the government detains her, all the while she says she is not the missing girl. However she fails polygraph tests and she was also carrying several false passports. The US courts then finalize that she is this missing girl and force her to stay with her US family until ‘Fiona’ turns 18. As this is only for seven weeks, she complies. Her US family had adopted her so DNA testing is not applicable however she has very unique eyes and features which leave little doubt to her US family that she is their Fiona. The story then goes into the struggle she faces in finding herself and finding out the truth and the struggles of those who love and miss Fiona.

Now this story line in itself is good but what is a surprising and ultimately heart-string pulling is Brody. He is the missing girl’s next door neighbor, two years older than herself, but whom felt that Fiona was his soul mate even as a little boy. He’s had a lot of traumatic events with the loss of Fiona and the loss of his parents on Christmas Eve. You root for him, you feel for him and can’t help but love this character.

Now that’s all I’m going to say about the story line since I’m doing my best to not drop any spoilers!

This story pulled a lot of heart strings, had mystery, suspense, love, family and romance. All in all a really great book.

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!

Content: Language

Source: I received this as a gift via a Rafflecopter event

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review! I’m so glad you liked the story! 🙂