Book Review: Finding Sheba by H.B. Moore

Finding Sheba coverTitle: Finding Sheba
Author: Heather B. Moore
Series: Omar Zagouri #1
Released: August 15, 2013
Publisher: StoneHouse Ink

Book Summary:

An ancient legend is reborn . . . One that might prove the Bible false.

For centuries, historians have theorized the Queen of Sheba as only a seductive legend, and scholars have debated over the legitimacy of King David or King Solomon. When undercover Israeli agent, Omar Zagouri, stumbles onto a tomb in Northern Jerusalem he unknowingly finds the final clue that threatens to overthrow government claim to the Holy Land, pits wealthy collectors against one another, and sends ruthless archaeologists scrambling to find the queen’s secret burial place. An assassination attempt on the Coptic Pope, His Holiness, Patriarch Stephanus II, is only the first in the chain of lethal crimes. Omar must find a way to prevent the greatest discovery of the century from becoming the most deadly.


Alisas review
I almost got lost in the first three chapters of this book… We went from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island to modern-day Israel to 964 BC Southern Arabia. But I’m glad I stayed with the book because it was a great, great story!

Omar Zagouri is an Israeli intelligence officer working undercover. He works for the same company as his ex-girlfriend, Mia, and hates his new boss, David Levy. When Omar finds himself working with Mia, he realizes that she is the only person in his work that he trusts completely. Even though she left him and completely broke his heart, he would still do anything to protect her. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes that their break-up may have been partly – or even mostly – his own fault.

Jade is a 24-year-old college student working on her thesis. When Dr. Lyon (the college professor she interned for) died suddenly she finds herself with a new “guide” when she goes to Egypt to work on her thesis – Dr. Lucas Morel, an Egyptologist and devoted follower of the late Dr. Lyon. She finds herself immediately attracted to the handsome scholarly Frenchman, but isn’t sure she can trust him. Especially when she learns that Dr. Lyon didn’t just die — he was murdered because of something he knew.

Meanwhile we learn about Nicaula, the Queen of Sheba – her rise to power and her life as the Queen of Sheba. I have no idea how historically accurate her story was, but it was a really interesting story and I was definitely drawn into it. And I will definitely be reading other books that come out in this series!


5 stars

Rating: 5 stars
Content: Clean

Source: Free advance copy


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  1. I just watched a a segment on Uncovering Ancient Secrets. They think they have found the tomb of Sheba. I think I’ll have to read this book. Sound very intriguing. Thank you.