Book Review: Enchanted Castle by Chrissy Peebles

Enchanted Castle - A NoveletteTitle: Enchanted Castle
Author: Chrissy Peebles
Series: Enchanted Castle Series #1
Published Date: July 2012


Book Summary:

This is a young adult, paranormal, novelette series.

Novelette #1

Zoey Sanders attends her senior year of high school at a mysterious castle in Scotland. She is thrust into a paranormal world she never knew existed, and her life will never be the same again.


Joey Sanders always wanted to get away from her problems and from her family. It’s not that she didn’t love them, they were just…. different. When she got accepted to Mount Park Manor for a school year, she knew that this would be the opportunity to stop being noticed and find out more about who she really is. Making new friends and possibly falling for a gorgeous guy is exactly what she needs. But with moving shadows, unbelievable dreams, and something creeping in the dark, her and her new friends will have to question everything that they believe in.
I thought the writing was very good and the start of the story was quiet good. However, since being a Novelette, it is very short and I felt like it wasn’t enough for me to get my interest in. More than 50% of the book was just about Zoey and her surroundings and how she got to know other people in the Mansion. The next part was pretty good. I thought that the author was spot on making me feel creeped out and that’s why I think there is hope for this series.
What I really enjoyed is that Enchanted Castle really made me frustrated. You know those girls in scary movies that go towards the sound? DON’T GO TOWARDS THE SOUND! That’s how you end up dead. But no… Obviously not Zoey.


“Check this out. I wonder what it is”. 
Hunter scooted a table and lined it up with what looked like a trapdoor. 
“Let’s check it out”. 


But as much as I yelled for them not to go towards the trap door…. Of course they didn’t listen. Which was actually the best part of this book. So overall, I would recommend it but only if you have the second book handy right away. I couldn’t believe it would end the way it did, but hey… Can I get a cliffhanger? Whoop whoop!!!
Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book
Content: Clean
Source: Amazon Freebie!
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  1. hi i have read your wonderful books on the enchanted castle series,when will the next two books be out?