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Osteoblasts to the Rescue


Merrin and Pearl are at it again! This time these two young Human Body Detectives are exploring the skeletal system.
With the ability to jump in and examine the various systems in the body, Merrin and Pearl’s adventures are fun stories and helpful tools to educate children.
In Osteoblasts to the Rescue, Merrin and Pearl navigate their friend, Lily’s, broken arm and learn all about bones.
As the fourth in The Human Body Detectives series, Osteoblasts to the Rescue can also stand alone as a book that’s sure to inform, engage, and inspire readers of all ages.





heather mAuthor Heather Manley, N.D.

I have always been passionate about healthy foods and exercising. Growing up in Toronto, Canada I would exhaust my allowance at the health food store and write school papers on spices and herbs. It was no wonder I found myself studying biology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. I loved animals as well so I initially focused on wildlife conservation and animal biology, however, with some exposure to naturopathic medicine, this health care philosophy rang true for me. I switched to pre-med and I graduated in 1993. I earned my doctorate at the from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon before moving with my family to Hawaii where I became licensed and continue to practice today.

Everything I learned in medschool came into fruition when my children were born. I realized the importance of teaching them, by example, about healthy food and lifestyle. Telling them what to eat was not enough, so I created and wrote educational adventure stories that explain the physiological systems in the body. Not only did my kids love the engaging and interactive stories but so did their friends.

I love seeing kids have fun learning to understand their bodies and how food helps them run faster and be smarter. My focus is on preventative health. I am passionate about encouraging families to seek the value of a simple lifestyle and offering tools to assist them at being proactive and confident in their daily living. I am constantly inspired seeing people make positive changes in their lives. With my website, I am excited to reach more families in a way that will manifest healthy living.

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Author Interview


Favorite Candy?

Dark chocolate and only the good stuff!


What is your favorite Quote?


I have 2:


“Act the way you want to feel.” (not sure who said this)


Dr. Phil once said,  “ Just put it all on the line and see what happens.”  And this has helped me get through times when I am a little scared about putting myself out there.


What was your favorite children’s book?


Olivia series, Where the Wild things are, The Purple Crayon.


What inspires you to write and why?


First and foremost: the kids. The obesity epidemic, the health of the world and planet comes in second.  I feel that if people understand how their bodies work, they are more apt to make healthier lifestyle decisions.


Favorite place you’ve been


Africa. I lived in East Africa in my early twenties and fell in love with the people, the culture and the wildlife.


Happiest moment in your life so far


The birth of my kids; both were home births and were incredibly empowering.


And a close second was seeing the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Wow, wow and more wow.


If you weren’t a human, what would you be?


Sea turtle or an African elephant.


How do you go about revising/editing?


I like to read my stories at different times during the day and evening. I find my different moods – alert, tired, relaxed – bring a balance into the books; I will notice things that could be changed or added.

Something your readers would never guess about you


If I weren’t a doctor and author, I would be creating sustainable zoos where animals can be as close as possible to their natural environment.



What do you do in your free time?


I hike in the mountains with my energetic and happy dog and hang out at the beach surfing, paddle boarding and snorkeling with my family. When time allows, I like to get on an airplane. I loved to travel and see the world.



Top 3 things on your bucket list?


  1. Purchase a cottage back home in Canada with a very long dock.
  2. Live in Europe (Paris or somewhere in Italy).
  3. Learn a different language.



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Night owl, or early bird? Early bird

PC or Mac? Mac

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City or Country? City


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