The Great Pyramid Mystery by Stephen S. Douglas – Interview & Giveaway

pyramidThe Great Pyramid Mystery

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is explained! Discover it for yourself; who, what, where, when, why and how it was built. Everything you wanted to know about this Great Pyramid and the Biblical Joseph connection which unifies every one of its mysteries. This book is the first serious pursuit of the famous Seven Year Famine story connection to The Great Pyramid. Discover its documented Mystery, History, Research, Dual Use Theory, Silo & Tomb Design, Tower & Ramp Center, Load Shafts, Hidden Chambers, Solar Ships, its place in the Bible and more, in easy to read format.



stephenAuthor Stephen S. Douglas

Stephen Stuart Douglas was born 1966 in Washington DC and grew up in Waldorf Maryland. He and wife Angela now live in historic Georgetown Ohio where his favorite historic American, Ulysses S Grant grew up to become 18th President of the United States. Mr. Douglas is a recognized Author and Theorist. He reads one book every week and travels the country as a professional truck driver; educated at Hyles Anderson C, Federal Law Enforcement Training C, Prince Georges CC. Besides news articles and poems, he has published “The Great Pyramid Mystery New Discoveries Revealed” , “Short Quotes & Jokes” , “Now that You are a Supervisor” and soon “7+2=U Influence & Understanding Life” , “Goblin War”.


Who or what inspired you to become an author?  Col. Heath “Bo” Bottomly.  I have always enjoyed writing poems for pretty girls, articles for newspapers and even short stories but had not seriously considered publishing complete books.  A few years ago I came across a nonfiction book by Col. Bo.  It was one of his own adventures while training soldiers in Afghanistan to fight the soviets.  Afterward I had looked him up on the internet and found a phone number to order more books.  To my utter surprise, Col. Bo himself answered the phone, it was early morning for me in Ohio but apparently I woke him up at home in California.  After the surprise on both ends was worked out, the famous man himself discussed details from his fascinating life with me and we have since become personal friends.  He told me, that I needed to start writing my own books.
Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
If you enjoy a change between your normal genras, if you enjoy new discoveries and thought provoking conclusions, then you should read this book.
Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?
Short Quotes & Jokes is done for now.  “7 + 2 = U  ;Understanding Life” is three quarters of the way done.  “Goblin War” is nearly a quarter done.  Would love to write a book about the ‘Pyarmid of the Sun’ but need funding for what I have in mind.  Keep in mind I only write a page a week between work and family.
What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?
I average reading/listening one book a week.  Writing a book is something you have to want enough to start.  After you start, make yourself add a random paragraph everyday or so and don’t worry about the book format until you have filled fifty pages or more of related paragraphs.  Then it will be time to get serious.  Is that helpful?
Favorite historical person?
My favorite historical American is Ulysses S Grant.  His autobiography is as simple to read as the man himself.  The kind of famous person that anyone of us regular people could have been.  Grant was nothing special, he always did the best he could and in the end it was enough.  In his time, he was considered the most popular President in American history.
Angie and I have a little dog named Benji, a black/white cat named Kitty, and a fish named Cutie.
How did you go about publishing your book?

I chose to publish through CreateSpace, it has been a good service for self publishing.  Another benefit of CreateSpace has been the opportunity to make the learn-as-you-go changes to the original book.

What inspired your last book?

The Great Pyramid itself inspired me.  I decided one day to take the entire eleven hour day of diving to pull apart the Great Pyramid piece by piece and follow through every major explanation to its full end.  Long detailed thought experiments are my training and I find most strong opinions or theories are not thought through with the proper parameters to there logical ends.  (serious research before and after, prayer too)  Theoretical sciences and real thought experiments have provided many answers which are then proven by experiment.  That day driving was the beginning of “The Great Pyramid Mystery – New Discoveries Revealed” a new book acknowledged now by the Royal British Museum and more than two hundred sold already.
Regular or Diet?  REGULAR
Coke or Pepsi?  COKE
Horror or Romance?  ROMANCE
Peterbuilt or Mack?  MACK
City or Country?  COUNTRY barely
Elephant or Donkey?  ELEPHANT
Facebook or Twitter?  FACEBOOK
Tablet or Laptop?  LAPTOP
Text or Talk?  TALK
Truth or Dare?  TRUTH


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