Hot Mamalah Mother’s Day Giveaway

hot mal


  • Lisa Alcalay Klug’s books: Hot Mamalah & Cool Jew
  • Jennie Rivlin Roberts, ModernTribe.comJewish Matriarchs T-Shirt
  • Doni Zasloff Thomas & Rachel Harkam: Get Cooking Cookbook + Mama of Valor Digital Download
  • Tiffany Shlain, The Tribe Boxed Set
  • Shira Adler: Diva Mama Aromatherapy
  • Daniella Zax, Rabbi’s Daughter: Yiddish Travel Bag
  • Jodi Samuels, JDeal: $50 Credit
  • Jenna Lonczak, Centipede Designs: OMG Necklace
  • Meredith Levin Jacobs’s books: Just Between Us & The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat
  • Davida Aprons: Kosher Kurls
  • Neshama Carlebach, Every Little Soul Must Shine CD


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  1. I’m not sure if I’m a mamalah, but being a mama makes me smile because my kids are funny

  2. sharon says:

    I was called a mamalah years ago by relatives and still feel that way.

  3. DebraG says:

    The name is what makes me smile

  4. the word

  5. Robin Christofaro says:

    It’s always the little things that make me smile..just because I know that my not-so-little ones are growing into fine young men and proud to be their mother!

  6. lkish77123 says:

    Knowing I did a really good job even though I had to do it all alone. How do I know? My wonderful adult son tells me all of the time how grateful he is that I didn’t give up on him through all of the problems he had. Now, he is married and so stable.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy Mother’s Day. Another great giveaway:

  8. I am not a mother 🙂
    I just want this to be a surprise for my beautiful loving mother c:

  9. ruthhill74 says:

    I love my daughter, and it is so rewarding to see her making good decisions and not turning out like so many students I teach!

  10. Vanessa says:

    I love my kids and that makes me smile!

  11. Definitely my kids and grandson! I love them more than anything!!