Audio Book of Mormon for Kids!! Love it!!

audiobookWow this is awesome!! My kids all loved this so I really hope this project gets the funding it needs!! Take a minute to check it out!  My kids wish he could make one chapter a day since he is way more entertaining to listen to than my husband or I.

Chas Hathaway, is undertaking a huge project – that of recording the entire Book of Mormon, word for word, with sound effects and dynamic voices that will appeal to children as young as 2 or 3!  It will be available to download in the MP3 format for FREE once completed. In order to create this amazing project, Chas is using ‘Kickstarter’ to raise the funds needed.

For a sample of his recording style and to donate, go to:



Chapters 1-6 of 1st Nephi are available to listen to on his website: