World Book Night Report

world book night

Tonight is World Book Night.  500,000 books were to be given away today.  I applied to be a giver and received 20 copies of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan to giveaway.  My daughters and I headed out this evening to give the books away.  It was harder than we thought it would be to find the right people to give them to.  We were looking for middle grade/tween aged readers to give them to.

First we headed to a park but there were only little kids playing on the toys.  The only other kids that seemed the right age were in the middle of soccer practice and there were a lot of them so we moved on to the town square.

We found 3 kids at the town square who seemed the right age so we gave each of them a book.  While heading back towards our side of town we stopped and gave books out to several kids who were out riding bikes & scooters.  This lead to a great discussion with my girls on accepting things from strangers since really we were strangers pulling up offering books to kids.  They both said they would have probably accepted a book from a lady with her two kids but if it there hadn’t been kids in the car they would have run the other way.


We then headed to a ball field where we were quickly able to finish up giving away the remaining books to the kids who were hanging around the refreshment stand.

We had a good time together spreading our love of reading!

Thanks to the organizers of World Book Night for giving me this fun opportunity!


  1. What a fabulous, fun idea! But yeah…I agree with your girls: it’d be weird to accept anything, even a book, from a stranger as a kid!

  2. I love love reading the stories everyone is sharing about giving books away. So fun. Though you are right about taking things from strangers and I hope the kid’s parents also spoke to them about that. We all want to trust the world … but the world has changed. 🙁

  3. I did WBN too and it was a blast, but not as challenging since I picked a specific location. ;D

  4. I had planned to do it this year but then I forgot to get the application done on time. Sounds like a neat night!

  5. Sounds super fun! Why did I not know about this? I am signing up next year! The Lightning Thief is a perfect choice! You can give that to any kid and they’ll like it, even reluctant readers! Great job spreading the book love to young readers!

    Marie @ Marie’s Bookworm Blog