Terra by Gretchen Powell – Facebook Birthday Party!


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Happy Birthday, Gretchen!!!!



We’re having a PARTY over at Gretchen’s Facebook!!!  To participate, hop over and comment about what you are bringing.  Like this… “I’m going to Gretchen’s birthday party and I’m bringing …” and then add something creative. It’s fun! Go for it!!  Get an extra entry in the giveaway, while you’re at it. Hey… it’s a party!!!!!!!

For extra fun, we asked Gretchen for a speed-interview. She had to give us the first word that popped in her head. Lol. This is great…

First some FAVORITES:
   Color?    Purple
   Lunch?    Sushi
   Jewelry?     Necklaces
   Movie?    Singin’ in the Rain!
   Season?    Autumn
Next… either/or…
   Sunset or sunrise?  Sunset
  Sandals or boots?    Sandals (flip flops forever!)
   Coffee or tea?    Both. 🙂
City or country?   City
Milk or dark chocolate?   Dark!
Now… your dream guy… 😉
Height:   6′ or taller
Hair color:   Dark brown
Eyes:  Blue
First sighting: Reaching for the same book in a library/bookstore
First word:   Um, hey?
Ok… now that we’re warmed up… share the first word that comes to mind when I say…
Family:   Close
Books:   Oxygen
Dogs:   Love
Next:   Sequel!
Party!   Hunger Games-themed (no, seriously, my birthday party is this weekend and it’s HG-themed, hahaha!)

There you have it!!  A speed-interview with our own birthday gal! Make sure to “bring” something HG related to her Party on Facebook!!  😀

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  1. Linda Kish says:

    I am great. How are you?

  2. I am okay, things have been a little shakey since my brother died 4 months ago, but we’ll be okayl

  3. Today is a rough day, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  4. great giveaway