Feed Your Reader Featured Freebie: Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens

Featured Freebie: Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens


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Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens

Grace Doll had everything a girl could want: Fame. Fortune. Beauty.

Everything except, of course, her freedom. So when a powerful movie producer forces an experimental treatment on Grace–one that’s purported to make beauty immortal–she stages her own death to escape him.

With the help of trusted friends, Grace slips into hiding. She’s forever flawless, forever young and forever pursued by her past.

But when a stranger arrives on her doorstep, holding the key to a life she thought she’d left behind, Grace must decide between the safety she’s known… and embracing the role she was born to play.


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Praise for Grace Doll:

“Wow – I’ve read this book twice and I’m sure I read it in record breaking time both times.”
~Amazon Review

“Wonderful character development. You just kind of step into the story and feel like you know them all. Such a unique story line as well. Read it and you won’t be disappointed.”
~Amazon Review

“Grace Doll is an amazing tale of a young starlet’s refusal to be owned. The story is compelling, keeping the reader intrigued until the very end. Defying the norm, the book tells the story through the eyes of both Grace and Brenden, allowing the reader to completely understand why the two fall in love. Having only read a few of Jennifer’s other books, I am now compelled to to read more of her work. A must read for all YA lovers.”
~Amazon Review

“Grace Doll is an excellent novel that I highly recommend. Even though the subject matter is a little dark, it is written in a manner that is appropriate for teens or adults.”
~Jessica @ Simply Infatuated 

“Everything I’ve read by Jennifer Laurens I have really liked. Grace Doll is no exception. From the first page I was sucked into the story.”
~Marcie @ To Read or Not to Read

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