Feed My Reader Friday #22


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There are some great books available on Netgalley this week!  I downloaded a bunch of great titles and scored some great freebies from Amazon.  Here are a couple I’m most excited about!


From My Mama’s Kitchen by Johnny Tan

Johnny was a guest speaker at a recent writer’s conference here in St. George.  I had a great conversation with him following the conference and thought very highly of him.  His book was a Freebie on Amazon this week so I snagged a copy.


From My Mama’s Kitchen reveals 30 timeless recipes for living, ranging from the power of relationships to the nature of love and the meaning of life. Released with the endorsement of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers, the book is dedicated to the realization and mastery of the power of unconditional love. The book offers a wealth of wisdom, knowledge of practical living skills and effective communication techniques brought to the reader from the nurturing comfort of a kitchen setting. From the virtue of spiritual awareness to self-actualization, Johnny’s 9 moms nourished him with their wisdom to become a person defined by his thoughts and actions.

The print version of this book is designed as a keepsake for all occasions, meant to last and inspire forever. It includes a blank dedication page for readers to inscribe their own loved one’s name, and a space where readers can record their recipes for living. At the very end of the book, Johnny incorporates nine of his favorite food recipes.

A tribute to mothers everywhere, the book has received five awards: in 2010, Mom’s Choice Awards, Mr. Dad Seal of Recognition and Publisher’s Choice Awards by Family Magazine Group, in 2011, International Book Awards and National Indie Excellence Book Awards. In 2012, the book made the Amazon Best Seller List in the following categories: Parenting & Family Relationships – Parent and Adult Child, Self Help – Health, Mind & Body – Spiritual and Motivational, and Cooking, Food & Wine – Essay.


Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards


Weeks after his crucifixion and rebirth as Phoenix, Ash Fisher believes his troubles are far behind him. He and Natalie are engaged and life seems good. But his happiness is short-lived when he receives a threatening visit from Purian Rose, who gives Ash an ultimatum: vote in favor of Rose’s Law permanently relegating Darklings to the wrong side of the wall or Natalie will be killed.

The decision seems obvious to Ash; he must save Natalie. But when Ash learns about The Tenth, a new and deadly concentration camp where the Darklings would be sent, the choice doesn’t seem so simple. Unable to ignore his conscience, Ash votes against Rose’s Law, signing Natalie’s death warrant and putting a troubled nation back into the throes of bloody battle.



Your turn!
What great ebooks have you downloaded recently?
Which of these titles are you likely to read?
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  1. I requested Phoenix from NetGalley too. I didn’t love the first one, but I still want to find out what happens. I have two from NetGalley, one for review, and two free ones that I got through your links from this week. 🙂

  2. Today’s, just because it didn’t see to be up (please link if the Feed My Reader linkie for today does come up): http://spreadingukya2013.blogspot.com/2013/04/special-feed-my-reader-friday-page-99.html

  3. Elaine Simmons says:

    I would read My Mother’s Kitchen. I can really relate to it’s spirit.