Book Spotlight: Possum Squat by Lucianne DeLong

Possum squatPossum Squat

Possum Squat is a series of children’s books set in the Deep South and comprised of whimsical, colorful, and lovable animal characters. A Tall Southern Tale is the first in the Possum Squat series. Instantly parents and young readers will fall in love with the stars of Possum Squat, Ralph and Mertyle Snookums, two fun-loving possums who are the center of life there. The antics of the Huckabee triplets and the magic and draw of the Zerkel brothers’ rollin’ store all come together along with the importance of community. The world of Possum Squat is full of the richness of the South’s flora and fauna. It is beautifully illustrated in a whimsical and fun-loving style. It’s a series everyone will want to read or have read to them over and over again.



Author Lucianne DeLong

Lucianne DeLong was born and bred in the “Boonies” of the Deep South, and the experiences of her childhood seem to be completely foreign to most everyone. As a young girl, she bucked hay, cleaned chicken houses, and dressed hogs for five dollars a day—a long day. Television, radio, and other technologies that made life easier were not available to her or her family. What she learned, she learned from books or from experience. Reading a book was required at dinnertime, and absolutely no talking was allowed. When Lucianne wasn’t working on a farm during the summer, she was working her family’s fields and orchard or helping her daddy with chores from sun-up to sundown.
The mother of five children and an entrepreneur, Lucianne loves working with kids of all ages. As a private tutor for decades, she found that when she talked to her students about her childhood experiences, they were always extremely fascinated. In fact, they were in awe of them. Hence the birth of Possum Squat, an enchanting series of children’s books about a culture that is quite unknown and misunderstood.