Book Spotlight: A Life That Matters by Barry Hartley


 life that mattersA Life That Matters

The true story of Barry Hartley’s Life Proves Everyone Can Live a Purposeful, Meaningful Existence.
From his humble beginnings living in an Australian log cabin to his career as an international business executive, Barry Hartley is proof that where you come from doesn’t determine your future. By releasing his compelling autobiography, Hartley hopes to help others see that life’s bigger picture is all that really matters.
Married at 17 and three children in three years, working two jobs, driving taxis. Studying electronics and later running his own company. Extensive international travel both private and for business. Negotiating with an international government to buy gold bullion for a group of US banks.
Learning Mandarin Chinese and the visits that followed and then the seemingly insignificant details of family ups and downs and the meaning of living a life that really does matter.




barryAuthor Barry Hartley

Barry Hartley was born February 1938 in Sydney Australia. Soon after the second world war his family moved to country New South Wales where his stepfather began a life of working farms across the state. In the early days living in log cabin in a cold climate, and with limited education he vowed to do better. Married at 17 and with three children in three years he was working two jobs and studying electronics and communications and later was to run his own company. The following years brought extensive travel for both private and business including China, having studied Mandarin for some years. Now he is a retired great grandfather, enjoys a game of golf and wants to share the many interesting and entertaining stories of his frankly-honest autobiography.

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