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flame coverThe Flame in the Mist

The sun never shines in the land of Anglavia. Its people live within a sinister mist created by their rulers, the cruel Agromond family. The Agromonds’ control is absolute; no one dares defy them. But things are about to change, for the youngest of them is not like the others…

Fiery-headed Jemma has always felt like the family misfit, and is increasingly disturbed by the dark goings-on at Agromond Castle. The night before her thirteenth birthday, Jemma discovers the terrifying reason why: She is not who she thinks she is, and the Agromonds have a dreadful ritual planned for her birthday—a ritual that could kill her.

But saving her skin is just the first of Jemma’s ordeals. Ghosts and outcasts, a pair of crystals, a mysterious book, an ancient Prophecy—all these gradually reveal the truth about her past, and a destiny far greater and more dangerous than any she could imagine.

With her trusted friend, Digby, and her two telepathic golden rats, Noodle and Pie, Jemma faces enemies both human and supernatural. But in the end, she and her untapped powers might be the only hope for a kingdom in peril.





Today I’m interviewing Nocturna Agromond, the formidable first lady of Agromond Castle—
I think you mean, of Anglavia, do you not? Ye-e-es, I thought so. (Raps long red fingernails on her knee.)
Um…yes, of course. The first lady of Anglavia. And the most powerful, of course. So, just to re-iterate our agreement, you have consented to use no spells during our time together, correct?
I do not waste spells for paltry amusement, Miss….whatever your name is. You dare to doubt my word?
No, no…of course not. I’m sure you’re completely trustworthy. So, tell us a little about yourself, Nocturna—
Madame Agromond to you.
Madame Agromond, then. I can’t help noticing that black bird on your shoulder, and those four…what are they, dogs? Those furry things sitting around your feet. Do they go everywhere with you?
“That bird”, as you so disparagingly refer to him, is Rook. My beloved companion. He can see into your soul, make no mistake about it, and will tolerate no harm to my person. As for “those furry things”, who are as close to me as my shadow, can you not tell a dog from a weasel?
They’re weasels? I’ve never seen black ones before.
Hrmph. How simply…charming your naiveté is.
Yes. Well. Moving right along…You’re obviously a woman of, shall we say, strong opinions. I’m curious about your background. Where do you come from? 
(Lifts chin slightly). I am a Mallentent born and bred, from the second most powerful family in the great land of Franquetaine—a land far superior to Anglavia. It is no doubt superior also to yours, wherever you are from. Celdoria, perhaps? That is what I would surmise from your strange accent.
I’m from the United States of America.
I have not heard of it. Do all of its inhabitants sound like you? (Flares one nostril as if smelling something putrid.)
Um, hardly. Soooo…you come from Franquetaine. Where is that, exactly?
Ah, I see. You think to waste my time asking me for information about me, when Mord knows, any Anglavian peasant could have told you such details had you bothered to ask, instead of bothering me.
“Mord knows”? Who, or what, is “Mord”?
Mord—Mord! The name taken from the great Agomond ancestors, Mordrake and Mordana, who built Agromond Castle, and created the Mist! I cannot believe you do not know of this. You had better pray that you don’t live to regret having come so ill-prepared.
(At this point, unsure whether to feel alarmed by my interviewee’s apparent threat or annoyed by it, I decide that flattery may be the safest tactic to shift a tricky situation.) 
Madame Agromond, please, tell us about that beautiful dress you’re wearing! It looks very well made.
My dress? Dress? Really, your choice of words is most strange to me. But if you’re referring to my robe, it was part of my trousseau, sewn by the finest Frankish seamstresses. One simply does not find this kind of workmanship in Anglavia.
(Before I can stop myself, I find myself muttering under my breath.) 
What do you expect, when you keep everyone suppressed under the Mist?
If you wish to be heard, girl, speak up.
I said, Those wide sleeves are magnificent. I’ve never seen anything like them. And the velvet looks amazing. So soft!
(Pulls up to full height.) You may touch my hem, if you must.
Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. You mentioned “trousseau”. Would you tell us about your marriage to Nox Agromond?
Hrmph. Nox. He was visiting Franquetaine, partly in search of a wife; an introduction was made. I confess, he intrigued me. It was well known that the Agromonds had long ruled over Anglavia. And he was devilishly handsome—almost my equal in looks.
Was? I was told that he is still handsome.
Someone of lesser discernment might say so. But he lacks ferocity, as I found to my chagrin, and his weakness cannot but affect his appearance in my eyes. I have no doubt now that he sought my hand in marriage in part to benefit from my well-known determination. In addition, he coveted the Mallentent riches, to replenish the dwindling Agromond coffers. Ah, I see your expression of surprise; but striking such a bargain in marriage is quite acceptable. For his part, he offered the promise of great position and opportunity in Anglavia, which appealed to me. And so, against my family’s wishes—for my brother never approved—Nox and I were wed, and he brought me to Anglavia’s shores.
Your brother never approved? But what about your parents?
They are both long deceased. My dear mama passed from this world when I was but seven years of age, and my papa followed her to the grave within the year.
Seven! That’s…that’s actually sad. Would you care to talk about it?
(There’s an awkward silence as Nocturna’s black eyes stare off to one side.)
Well then, Madame Agromond…what about your children?
What about them?
When they were young, did you look after them at all? Or did the nursemaid, Marsh, do everything for them?
(Silence, and a black look.)
I’m guessing you don’t like little children much.
Is there something you would like to talk about? Jemma, perhaps?
I have the feeling that this interview is tiring for you—
Tiresome, yes. Indeed it is. I have had quite enough.
So, I’d like to close with three quick questions. Then I’ll leave. 
I have your word? Very well.
What is your favorite food?
Favorite color?
Favorite person?
Thank you, Noct—I mean, Madame Agromond. It’s been…Well, let’s just say we talked. Goodbye.


kitAuthor Kit Grindstaff

Kit Grindstaff was born near London, and grew up in the rolling countryside of England. After a brush with pop stardom (under her maiden name, Hain) she moved to New York and embarked on her career as a pop song writer.

Kit now lives with her husband in the rolling countryside of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the SCBWI. The Flame In The Mist is her first novel.


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