Transitioning from Blogger to WordPress… Choose a hosting company.

I am moving forward with transitioning this blog to WordPress.  I’ve had several bloggers ask me to share what I am doing and how it is done.

First of all I would suggest to look before you leap.  I jumped into this clueless and it has taken a lot more time than I imagined.  I love that I am learning something new but if I had it to do over again I’d probably just pay someone to transition it for me cause I’ve spent a lot of time I didn’t really have and I’ve really not accomplished much yet.

I’m moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog. also has a free option for bloggers but I know that one isn’t for me.  Linky’s don’t work on and I use them all that time so that right there turns me away from using it.  But many bloggers do use and like it.  I even know of one blogger who uses both Blogger & WordPress to ensure her blog never disappears.

So in all honesty I’m still feeling so completely clueless and don’t know what I am doing.  I’m sure there are many other bloggers who can clearly walk you through the process much better than I can.  I’m learning by trial and error.  There are dozens of detailed instructions on how to make the switch available.  For a step by step guide just type in Blogger to WordPress and you will find lots of how to guides that will be much more detailed and clearer than I am going to be.

I’ve read a few of the how to make the change posts on different sites and the first thing to do is choose a hosting company.  There is a cost involved in self-hosting a wordpress blog.  Hosting prices can vary from a couple dollars a month on up. This really stinks because with blogger everything is free.  I like free.  Free is good or at least it was until my other blog disappeared.  I read a few reviews and looked at a few sites and opted to go with BlueHost.  I read they had great customer support and that setting up a WordPress blog is easy to do with them.   I didn’t want to go with the cheapest company out there because I want reliability and service if I need it.  BlueHost is located in Provo, UT which was a huge plus for me.  I figured if I needed customer support with the thousands of college students in that town I’d likely find someone intelligent on the other end of the line.

So far I am impressed with Blue Host. Here’s why.  I have been testing the transition to wordpress with  I also purchased hosting for one of my personal blogs.  Silly me I was clueless that purchasing hosting would allow me to host all my blogs on the same account.  I paid for 3 separate accounts not knowing I didn’t need to.  I would still be clueless except for the customer service person I was speaking to today.  When I mentioned I had other URLs hosted with them he told me I could host all of them under the same account.  He looked into it and was able to join the accounts together and give me a refund for the other two hosting accounts.  I so appreciated his helpfulness and honesty.

The banner even says Unlimited Domains but I didn’t even have a clue what that meant since I went ahead and bought an account for each domain.  See told you I was clueless.

I’m no where near ready to make the leap and actually switch my domain to WordPress so I am using a temporary domain they gave me to create my new wordpress blog.  So far I have activated wordpress and imported my blogger posts.  Comments are currently being imported.  At least if my blogger blog does disappear I now have it imported somewhere else.

Before making the switch to wordpress…
I would really suggest you think about it and make sure it is something you really want/need to do.  There were a lot of bloggers who switched to wordpress a year or so ago. At that time it wasn’t right for me.  Now the time is right.  I now make enough money off of BlogAds, Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates to cover the cost of the hosting so it isn’t coming out of my pocket.

Consider these questions…
Can you just back up your blog regularly so if it disappears you will still have it?
Do you have the time to commit to learning something new?
Do you have the money to pay for it?
If your blog disappeared today would you be ok with it?

Blogger is definitely more friendly for those who do not have a lot of computer knowledge.  I think ultimately when I get things all figured out I’ll end up liking WordPress more than Blogger.  But until then I am sure a few gray hairs might start sprouting.