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Mark A. Amacher was raised in a military family, moving frequently from one duty station to another. His family eventually settled in Bountiful, Utah, during the Vietnam War. After serving as a Mormon missionary, Mark married Patti Allen in Salt Lake City while completing his university education. During a successful business career with General Electric, American International Group and QBE of Australia, Mark and Patti moved and traveled frequently. During these years, Mark Amacher was either starting or managing businesses from Asia to the Middle East. Mark served in the Greensboro, North Carolina, Stake Presidency from 1996–2010, where he watched his three sons leave to serve missions in Oregon, California, and Louisiana. Mark retired in 2011 but still advises and invests in different businesses. The Amachers currently serve as Church Service Missionaries and Temple workers and reside in North Carolina. They just welcomed their first Grandchild, Audrey, to the family.

Guest Post
In the forward to my book, The Savior’s Symbols, Ardeth Kapp quotes Elder Orson F. Whitney, “The Universe is built on symbols, lifting our thoughts from man to God, from earth to heaven, from time to eternity… God teaches with symbols; it is His favorite way of teaching” (Improvement Era, August 1927, 851).  We all learn using symbols. From simple numbers representing quantitative values to complicated languages; symbols communicate powerful ideas. But what are the critical ideas or concepts that God wants us to know? What symbolism did he select to direct man’s thoughts and inclinations towards heaven?  What themes in His symbols were taught during Christ’s mortal ministry that instruct us regarding what he considered most important or valuable?  What can we learn from the circumstances he encountered and the real people he went out of his way to meet?

Often, we read or hear familiar bible stories without fully understanding their symbolic meaning or the layered symbolism. In The Savior’s Symbols, each story from the Savior is framed by an explanation of what they meant to those who heard His teachings. Learn more about the layered imagery and the intent behind symbols like Wine, Water, Bread, Oil and Stone. There is also meaning in time, location, altitude, geography, color, quantity, quality, availability, distance, and almost any other dimension you can think of. Discover new insights regarding old familiar stories. In The Savior’s Symbols, you are invited to ponder anew the life, ministry, and sacred mission of Jesus Christ through His Symbols.

The Savior’s Symbols: Sever Affirmations for the Life of the Master

The Savior’s Symbols examines the context and significance of the symbols the Lord used in his teachings. Author Mark A. Amacher outlines each teaching opportunity, describes the characters, and helps you understand to whom these symbolic messages were directed.  This insightful book invites you ponder anew the life, ministry, and sacred mission of Jesus Christ.

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