Making the Transition from Blogger to WordPress

I’ve been a Blogspot Blogger since I starting blogging back in 2007.  For six years Blogger is all I have really known.

I have a half dozen different blogs that I semi-regularly use and they’ve worked well for me until last Friday when I woke up to this dreaded email message about one of my blogs:

Your blog has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service. In accordance to these terms, we’ve removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. 


I’ve always been one of those who doesn’t worry about things and thinks the worst probably won’t happen to me, but it did.  Thankfully it wasn’t this blog or my Book Blast Blog so there was nothing really lost but it did get me thinking.  I’ve seen this happen to multiple bloggers recently.  I go to look for a Blog Tour post on their site and all I find is this:

blog removed

Not a great thing to find.  Yes many eventually get their blog back after days or weeks of downtime if they are persistent and keep pestering google to get it back.  I don’t want to pester and I don’t want to worry about it happening to one the blogs I really care about.

So I’m transitioning to a self hosted wordpress blogs.

I started Friday with my Feed Your Reader Blog, yesterday I moved one of my personal blogs, next month I’ll move my Book Blast & Blog Tours blog and then I hope by May to have officially move I Am A Reader, Not A Writer over to wordpress.

It’s a lot of work and there is a big learning curve but I don’t want to risk waking up to another message from Blogger saying one of my blogs has been removed.

Wish me luck, I’ll need it.


  1. Good stuff! How did the move go for you?

  2. Im moving my blog over now. I already have my hosting set up, Im tweeking the blog now, I am about to transfer my blogger content to WP. What did you use to move your blogger content to your hosted wp? I see a widget but am uncertain since it says its not tested with the newest WP version. I see other widgets but am uncertain.
    So far I like WP better. I got a nice theme, its not as colorful as my blogger one but I wont delete it maybe Ill find someone who can transfer the blogger design one day. my theme doesnt have this comment set up. I am going to use disqus. I am waiting for my .com to finish moving to my hosted acct. I have a temp .net in place just to set up the blogs look.