Alice in Everville by S.C. Langgle

Alice in Everville
A poem can seem like a labyrinth, a maze of words you can lose yourself in.  The key is to find a thread to hold on to, to guide you in your reading, to lead you into and out of a labyrinth of words… 
Alice Little thinks she’s read every word the world-famous poet Sylvie Plate published before her untimely death…until she discovers a coded message hidden in Sylvie’s final collection of poems–a message that may explain the poet’s mysterious demise.  
All she has to do is decipher the code and she knows she can convince her beloved English teacher, Miss A, that Sylvie’s message is real. Unfortunately, she only has one manic day at Everville Mall to do it. And between keeping track of her fountain-splashing, havoc-wreaking sister, finding a new copy of Sylvie’s poems, and…oh yeah…dealing with the blue-eyed, guitar-playing, majorly swoon-worthy Jaden Briar, who keeps popping up everywhere she goes, Alice wonders if she will ever finish deciphering in time.

About the Author
S.C. Langgle is a lifelong lover of words and stories who has never outgrown her preference for children’s and young adult literature. A graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at the University of Southern California, S.C. is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She currently lives in Hollywood, California, only a block from Marilyn Monroe’s handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, though she spends more time at home with her computer than mingling with celebrities. Luckily, she has her two adorable dogs—a Chihuahua, Chin-Mae, and a maltipoo, Sasha—to keep her company, and she’d choose them over a gaggle of Hollywood stars any day.   


If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?

That’s a hard decision, but I’d have to say past, mainly because so many of my favorite books are historical fiction.  It would be incredible to actually experience the world that, say, Laura and Mary Ingalls lived in.

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?
I would love to meet either Charlotte or Emily Bronte.  They are both such unique, fascinating writers with strange and wild imaginations.  By all accounts they loved strange and wild lives on the moors of England as well!

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

Alice in Everville is a book jam-packed with references, winks and nods, and hidden connections, so you can read it over and over, and you’ll find something new every time!

Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?
My next novel, Light Sister, Dark Sister, will also be coming from Pendrell Publishing.  It’s a novel in verse told from the alternating perspectives of twin sisters, and I’ve very excited about it!

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?

My favorite book as a child, Bridge to Terebithia by Katherine Paterson, is actually still my favorite memory now!  I have an extremely vivid memory of reading the final chapters of that book and sobbing and sobbing.  It was the first time I really understood how deep an emotional impact a book can have.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Probably England.  I went on a month-long trip there during college and it was absolutely magical, especially since so many of my favorite writers are from there and my favorite books are set there.  And I’d love to be so close to Scotland, Ireland and Wales and have the opportunity to explore them as well!

Who are your favorite authors of all time?
In addition to Katherine Paterson (see my answer to “favorite book” above), I absolutely love Alice Hoffman.  She has the most unique, magical, beautiful way of describing the world.  I’m also a huge fan of Francesca Lia Block and her edgy urban fairy tales.

What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you’d be embarrassed to admit?
I’m actually not as embarrassed as I should be, but I loved the reality show The Girls Next Door.  I stopped watching it when the original cast members left, though!

If you had 24 hours alone how would you spend it?
I would catch up on my reading, of course!

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I absolutely love dance and would really, really love to be a professional dancer.  Unfortunately I just don’t have the talent for it, though I worked really hard and went to a bunch of dance festivals during college, where I took dance classes up to eight hours a day.

Do you have any weird or interesting rituals you do to get into writing mode or while you’re writing.
I actually like to allow myself to stop VERY frequently while writing—as often as every five minutes—to look at something mindless on the internet for a minute or so.  Obviously this makes my writing process inefficient, but writing is very mentally taxing for me, and if I find that if I don’t give myself these little breaks, I’ll end up staring into space rather than writing.

Do you write as you go or do you have the book all planned out from page 1?
A bit of a combination—I like to know as much of the plot ahead of time as I can, but that’s not usually very much!  If I forced myself to write an entire plot outline before I began the actual book, I’d likely get stuck and end up giving up on the idea.  And unless I have a very detailed idea that I’m afraid I might forget, I try not to write down my plans/outlines, because I don’t want to feel limited as I write.

What book do you love that doesn’t get a lot of hype?
The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey was my favorite read of last year and one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I definitely thinks it deserves more attention!

How many books are in your TRB pile?
I have this incredibly delusional idea that I’ll someday be able to read *everything* I want to, and as a result I refuse to limit my TBR list.  I think it’s well over 1000 books long!

What is next on your to read list?
I’m really looking forward to reading Indelible, the second book in the Yara Silva trilogy by Lani Woodland.  I loved the first book in Lani’s series, Intrinsical, which was an incredibly creepy, fun and evocative ghost story.  I think I might have the chance to read the final book in the trilogy early, so I need to hurry up and get to Indelible soon!

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Night owl, or early bird?
night owl

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Sweet or Salty?

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