The Amazing Action Alphabet by Esther Kehl

Title: The Amazing Action Alphabet
Author: Esther Kehl
Publisher: Seeheardo Copmany
Released: March 2007 


The most powerful way to teach letters and sounds.

An amazing yet simple technique of memorization by association that provides instant recall of letters and the sounds they make.

It is a simple combination of seeing + hearing + doing that = LEARNING! Researchers and educators have found that people retain 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, and up to 90% of what they see, hear, say, and do. The system, called The Amazing Action Alphabet, offers a popular flip chart with alphabet characters and stories, a CD of each alphabet character, activity books, visual aids such as posters and placemats, and mini books.

The Amazing Action Alphabet approach is based on a series of engaging alphabet characters, involves seeing, hearing, and ‘doing’ physical actions, making it possible for children to retain more of their learning. The success of the system lies in the combination of multi-sensory, hands on experiences that engage and involve young learners. Esther continually receives enthusiastic feedback from parents and educators who have remarked how fun, simple and effective the Amazing Action Alphabet books are.

My kids are now too old for these books but I would love to have had this when my oldest son was trying to learn his letters and sounds.  He learns differently and I think this multi-sensory hands on approach to learning the alphabet would have been perfect for him.

The flip chart has some cute visuals to help children remember their letters:

If you are trying to teach young children the alphabet this is defiantly a system worth checking out.