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Welcome to Author John & Tina Bushman

JOHN & TINA BUSHMAN find their greatest joy in spending time together as a family. They are the proud parents of five wonderful children. The most rewarding moments in their family life are watching their children learn, discover and grow, whether it’s in a formal setting, around the table, in the car, or on an outing.  John and Tina grew up in Arizona and both attended Arizona State University, where they met and started their happily ever after.

John has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology and has been an educator and speaker for over 15 years with youth and young adults.  John has also written the book Impractical Grace.  Tina studied Physics and Secondary Education but left that season for a better one. She loves her stay at home status and enjoys creating and capturing fun times with her children. The Bushmans now live in beautiful Washington State where there are field trips just around the corner.

Guest Post

Thank you so much for hosting us on this blog tour. John and I are so excited for Table Talk to finally come out! We started this project after a date night of asking each other questions and then later testing them out on our kids. It’s been so fun getting to know each of our 5 children a little better by asking them get-to-know-you-type questions but it’s also been very insightful to hear the answers they have for some of the deeper questions like“How would you change the world?” One said, “I would make everything out of candy.” While another one said, “I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s just the way it was intended to be.” John and I feel that Table Talk can be helpful to families trying to establish healthy lines of communication through fun and insightful questions. We hope it will give parents a tool to get their kids talking and to help parents teach values in an informal way. As children develop a pattern of talking with their parents about a wide range of topics, they will be able to turn to their parents in times of great need. As our kids are “dished up” and “served” many positive and negative values each day from so many different sources, family discussions can help children learn their family’s values and expectations more clearly. This is what Table Talk does. It gets kids talking…and talking about what matters.
Thanks again for having us.

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Table Talk

Nothing has a greater or more lasting impact on children than their parents, yet our society tries to weaken that influence. Talking and teaching are two things best done at home. Using hundreds of fun questions and quotes from this book, watch as your family comes together to discuss the most important issues of life—patriotism, values, fun, faith, and more.

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