Book Review: The Broken Road by Shannon Guymon

Title: The Broken Road
Author: Shannon Guymon
Series: Alpine Series #3
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Released: November 1, 2010

Book Summary:

When Allison moves her two younger siblings back to Alpine, Utah, she’s hoping they can overcome their father’s dark legacy. Reuniting all your favorite characters from Makeover and Taking Chances, this inspirational tale of love and forgiveness will remind you that a family consists of the people who love you most and that nothing in the past can dim the brightness of your future.

I’ve decide I just really like the way Shannon writes. This is another book that drew me in and kept my attention which is something that doesn’t happen very often anymore.

The Broken Road is typical LDS fiction, those who enjoy LDS fiction will likely enjoy this one. If LDS fiction isn’t for you then you probably won’t enjoy this one.

Shannon writes characters that come to life for me. The Broken Road is little over the top at times but I still really enjoyed it. I like reading books that make me smile and this one did. A good reminder that judging others is never a good thing, and that there is more to a life than making and having money.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great book

Content: Clean

Source: Library

Genre/Age Level: LDS Fiction appropriate for older teens and adults

Finished January 9, 2013