Book Review: Taking Chances by Shannon Guymon

Title: Taking Chances
Author: Shannon Guymon
Series: Alpine Series #2
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Released: October 1, 2008

Book Summary:

Meet Maggie Tierney, a lighthearted, kind, free spirit who has a lot to be happy about: at 24, she is independent, successful, a wealthy artist, and she’s just inherited a home in beautiful Alpine, Utah, the place where her mother, Lisa, grew up. However, her excitement is colored by the reality that Maggie has never been to Alpine, and that this home was left to her by her estranged great-grandmother, a woman Maggie never met . . . Armed with Propels, Doritos, and her favorite easel, Maggie dives into Alpine life, ready to make it her home

This series of books has been so fun to read.  I have thousands of books on my to read list, hundreds sitting on my bookshelf and yet I made a trek to the library to get this series so they are definitely worth reading.  I think it is the humor in this series that I enjoy the most.

This one tackles the tough topic of child abuse. You would think with that topic it would be depressing… but it’s not.  Overall it’s a lighthearted read with lots of laughs.  The message is one of forgiveness, love, acceptance and moving on.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great book

Content: Clean

Source: Library

Genre/Age Level: LDS Fiction appropriate for older teens and adults

Read January 5, 2013